Sunday, April 22, 2012

This Week in 2012, Week 16

Highlights of this week:
1. This week I got to go wedding dress shopping with a dear friend and her daughter. It was so fun to do girly stuff for a day.
2. I finished quilting the Patchwork Chevron quilt. As soon as I finish the binding I will do a proper photo shoot and tell you all the stats.

3. Mr. Romance and I are  taking country partner dance lessons. We have had three lessons so far. We can do the Texas Two-Step, the Desperado and the Cowboy Cha-Cha. It's really fun and gives us another thing to cross off our life list. We've always wanted to learn the dances we see done at country bars.  Next on our list will be ballroom dance lessons. Dancing With The Stars look out!

4. I made a cake today. It's a layer cake, one spice layer, one vanilla layer. Then I frosted it with a boiled chocolate frosting. This is what the magazine photo looked like. Perfectly sized layers, nice thick frosting.

This is my version. Not quite as pretty. Does anyone else have trouble bringing boiled sugar to the 232'F temperature? Any help here would be appreciated. I use an All-Clad pot; should I be using something different? It seems I can't get the temperature to go above 220'F, consequently the frosting was a bit too runny. But, the cake tastes really good.
Here is the link to the recipe if you want to make one of your own. I did not use the walnuts called for in the recipe to decorate the outside of the cake because I'm allergic to them.

5. I entered my HST pillow in Megan's Festival of HST. The finalists will be announced tomorrow. I don't have much hope that I will be among the finalists, but pop over to her blog tomorrow and vote for your favorite.

HST pillow

6. I wrote an unsolicited review of this fabulous book.

7. My friend posted this poster on Facebook this week. I like it a lot. Isn't it sweet?

How was your week?

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Ramona said...

Can't wait to see more on your quilt. I'm about to start the patchwork chevron as well.

Canadian Abroad said...

That was a very full week. And I think your cake looks delicious. Perfection is over rated, thectaste of it is much more important.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Lovely week - nice bit of heel kicking to work off the yummy cake!

Danny Heyen said...

Country line dancing sounds like so much fun. You are going to have to show us your moves at SS!

Chef Evan Stanley said...

Try a copper pot mom... It is a better conductor of heat, so it gets hotter, it's what we use for all our jams and sugar.

Dianne Neale said...

I love to read your round up of the week. The cake looks pretty good to me but you know my efforts would be worse!
I go country dancing but it's not very traditional. We do quite a lot of modern stuff too. I love it and it's a very good work out.

Annabella said...

Oh I love that your son reads your blog AND comments with helpful tips! I`m sure yours would win in a blind tasting and I like the look of your cake! Great week Di and very envious of your dance classes. There is something incredibly sexy about country dancing.

Katy Cameron said...

I may just have giggled a bit a the idea that there's a cowboy cha-cha :oD Where I lived in Canada, all we could listen to on the radio was country music or 60's music (I lived in the land that time forgot right smack dab in the arse end of nowhere), but they were very strictly line dancers...

Josie McRazie said...

Oh, I am going to be working on that same chevron quilt!! Love the simple and yet creative pattern!! I have four blocks done!