Monday, June 25, 2012

Wroclaw, Poland...feels like home

The Train to Wroclaw
We left cold and cloudy Berlin and arrived in Wroclaw, Poland on a very warm, summer day. The train ride was really relaxed and enjoyable. We had our own compartment with lots of room. I was able to write my Berlin blog post and do some sewing on my EPP Hexie project. I even got in a nap. Mr. R had a nice nap, read and relaxed. I love traveling on the train. I wish we had more trains in the US.
We took lots of Instagram photos. I think this might be my favorite app. I love the photos it takes. Who needs a camera?

The First Day
My sister asked me if I felt any different being in Poland and I can honestly answer, yes. I like the smells, the language and the people. Like she said, “It’s in our DNA”. This makes me remember visits to my grandmother’s and my uncle’s homes in Pennsylvania when I was a child. Although I do not speak a word of Polish, I love hearing the people speak the language of my ancestors.
Our hotel was super nice. We booked this weekend to be our best hotel since we would be spending our anniversary in Wroclaw, and it did not disappoint. We walked around the square where the FanFest was set up for the Euro Soccer Championships. Wroclaw is a host city, but luckily, there were no rowdy fans. We toured a few churches and then ate dinner in the square.

The Second Day
The second day was pretty exciting. We walked over to the Cathedral Island, where there are several churches and a seminary. Our (Polish) priest from home had told us it would be a great place to visit and he was right. As we crossed the Tumski bridge we noticed all the locks with couple’s names on them. We found out this bridge is known as the “love bridge”, so we bought a lock and, in honor of our anniversary, we locked our love on the bridge with all the other couples.
As we crossed the bridge we could hear a mass being broadcast so we headed for the cathedral and arrived just as the 50th anniversary celebration mass for the Archbishop of Wroclaw, the Reverend Marian Golebiewski was ending. There were more priests, bishops and nuns than I had ever seen in my life. Even more than we saw when in the Vatican. We even got to meet the Archbishop and congratulate him.
We took the tram to the train station to buy our tickets to Krakow. While there, we had a scary incident; several gypsy women and children surrounded us. We know this a scam they use to pick pocket people so we pushed them away and noticed that the police in the station were also watching them, so we felt a little more secure.
The weather was once again perfect and all things are going well in Poland.

Day Three
Today was our 40th wedding anniversary. We slept in this morning and enjoyed the nice breakfast buffet in the hotel, and then we went to mass. We were hoping to be able to receive a blessing from the priest for our anniversary.  Success! The priest gave us a special anniversary blessing, after mass, and we even got an altar boy to take a photo. It was pretty emotional for both of us.

After church we headed over to tour the synagogue, but unfortunately there was a concert rehearsal and we were not allowed inside. So we ate lunch in the synagogue square and then had a relaxing walk back to the hotel. I still think our body clocks are confused because we get really sleepy every afternoon around three o’clock.
After a rest in the hotel, we walked along the river. This really is starting to feel like a relaxing vacation.
Dinner tonight was a splurge, but so worth it. Delicious food and a beautiful presentation all helped to make this one of our best anniversary celebrations, ever. We sat outside, where it stays light until 10 pm., on another gorgeous summer night.

The Food
Polish food is delicious if you know how to order it. Growing up, eating pierogi, golabki, kapusta, I knew what to order. Our son had been to Poland and said we would love the pierogi, but we only had them in the square and they were not as good as I can make at home. The finer dining of rabbit, fish and pork dishes were all excellent, not to mention the beer, too!
We tried a new after dinner drink of sweet vodka. It is aged 10 years with herbs and is really good and is supposed to be good for digestion, not to mention it also helps you sleep.

So Wroclaw gets a big YES from us. We had a wonderful time here.

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Lynn Cohen said...

What a wonderful trip and Happy Anniversary. You must have married very young!

Thanks for visiting the synagogue. Which is it in the photos I wonder? I appreciate seeing the sign with the Hebrew letters. This would have meant a lot to me.

I really enjoyed going along, thanks for posting.

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Fabulous! It makes me want to go to Poland too - but I think I'd need you to be my culinary advisor Di!!

Tiara said...

Simply beautiful!

Canadian Abroad said...

I am so pleased your trip is going so well and that you had such a wonderful anniversary.

Betty said...

Poland has long been on my list of places to visit. If that never happens, I feel like I've gotten an inside peak with your pictures and tales - thanks so much for sharing! And Happy Anniversary - 40 years is a BIG deal!

Dianne Neale said...

Happy 40th Anniversary - what a way to clebrate!

Cindy said...

How fun! Sounds like your 40th anniversary was great!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Oh, so wonderful! The churches are just so beautiful and so old! how special for you to receive an anniversary blessing too! That was my favorite picture! You should frame it!

Enjoy the rest of your trip!


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

I am so pleased that this is turning out to be the amazing anniversary trip you both deserve xxx

Susan Snooks said...

You are certainly having a wonderful time! So many fabulous sights, smells and tastes! Happy anniversary and stay safe, making grand new memories to last the next forty years!

Geri said...

I loved reading this post. The photos are all beautiful - did you take all of them with your iPhone? Enjoy the rest of your trip. I'm so glad you got the blessing and even have a picture for a memory.

Katy Cameron said...

What a fabulous stay, so glad you found the lock bridge in time for your anniversary, and so happy you got your blessing :o)

Leanne said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time and truly relaxing. Happy anniversary!

Tamie said...

Happy Anniversary. Thanks for sharing your trip. I don't think it is a place that I will ever get to visit.

Jessica said...

Happy anniversary!! I was just in Berlin, Warsaw, and Krakow for the first time last year and I absolutely LOVED everything about Germany and Poland. Love reading your posts - safe travels!

Annabella said...

Look at you loved up guys...although I get the impression you are loved up pretty much every day and not just for your 40th anniversary! I`m loving following your adventures - keep the photos coming!

tusen said...

Happy Anniversary! So great you've had such a wonderful time. And I'm so happy you're enjoying your stay in Poland (and that you like the language too). What other cities are you planning to visit, apart from Wroclaw and Krakow? Will you be in Warsaw, too?

Brigitte said...

Congratulations to 40 years of a wonderful relationship. I can read between lots of your lines all the closeness you have in your family and I know from experience that this is nothing which comes by its own. One has to create it, and you obviously did it very well!