Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gardening Woes

I say "Gardening Woes" because that is the state of our garden this year. This is all I was able to pick this week. 

Just these two mini baskets of vegetables and tomatoes.

It seems with the cold spring and late summer that our garden is rather scrawny. 
Now you animal lovers out there, don't get mad at me for what I am about to say, but I wish I had some way of getting rid of the wild bunny that has taken up residence in our yard. We live in the city, we have a block wall around our is California after all. But, this bunny decided that our yard has the best veges in town so he is eating the green beans faster than they can grow. I usually pick a gallon bag of beans every two or three days in June and July...this summer I've only picked one! My daughter-in-law did say they picked a lot while we were on vacation.  And, the bunny likes to take a bite of the tomatoes, a few at a time, before he decided which ones to devour each evening.
On a bright note, the bunny does not like cucumbers or eggplant, so we have plenty and I planted enough tomatoes for the both of us to enjoy. But still, when you put so much love and hard work into a garden, let alone the money for the proper soil, I wish that darn bunny would just go somewhere else.
We need a good coyote run in Yorba Linda. A few years ago we had one in the backyard...where is he when I need him?

I did have a yummy breakfast this week of sauteed vegetables and scrambled eggs.

I also had a delicious tomato salad for lunch.

We've tried traps, but I think next year we'll have to figure out a different way to protect the garden. Any ideas out there are greatly appreciated.
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Rebeckah Austin said...

Look delicious! I live right by you! I am on the edge of Anaheim. right off of Gkassel/Kramer and the 91 FWY. :) Glad to know you are so close!

Katy Cameron said...

Maybe you need rabbit stew for dinner... ;o)

Geri said...

Not sure to help you with your bunny problem...we have gophers and I was just reading about granular castor oil to repel them...don't know if it would work for bunnies!

Cindy Sharp said...

Coyote is out chasing the road runner! beep beep

I hear once that bunnies don't like marigolds. Planting a hedge of marigolds around the garden might keep them out.

Canadian Abroad said...

We had a baby bunny in our garden a few years ago. The girls named him PopPop and he was in ours or our neighbours - who had a huge and wonderful veg patch. Ours veg patch was sparse and eclectic because that is what happens when you let the four and five year old make the planting decisions. Anyway, our neighbour couldn't do anything about the bunny because the girls named it. He said he could not hurt it knowing that. So do not let the grand kids name it or you will be stuck!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Oh don't ask me, my answers would be very un-pc!

Susan Snooks said...

Your bunny has good taste- only the best veggies for him! Sorry I've no suggestion on bunny 'control'!!!

Leanne said...

Would it help to borrow a dog for a week or so to chase off the bunny? I am not sure what kind of fence keeps them out. Or one could try Katy's idea?

Kell said...

Ugh, having the same problem only it's with a ground hog. Chewed off most of the leaves on our cucumber plants. We put another fence around the other side of the pots the cukes are in & are crossing our fingers that it keeps it out. Don't know if they'll be able to bounce back though. I'm hoping it stays away from the tomatoes & peppers.

Sarah said...

I'm with Katy and Leanne :)
If you can loan someones dog for an overnight stay it should run the rabbit off for you. Your veg looks great and I'm super envious of your tomato salad :D

prairie said...

We have bunnies here and they love our strawberries, lettuces and carrot tops. No fence and lots of deer as well. I thought of putting up a deer/bunny sign to direct them to a better garden on the other side of town. Mine struggles, believe me, as we have very hot, dry weather here in central WA. What to do? Plant more than you need? Thank Heavenly Father there's only ONE (because TWO would be REAL trouble?)? I'm a new follower. Come over and visit us at PCC and follow, too, when you have a minute? Love your blog.