Sunday, July 22, 2012

This Week in 2012, Week 29

Is anyone old enough to remember what Barbra Streisand said when she won the Best Actor Oscar for her role as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl in 1969? In her best New York accent, she said, "Hello Gorgeous". That is exactly what I said when I set up my Bernina on Monday. It was my first time to get back to sewing in 5 weeks. That was a long time. I nearly forget how she works. I was soon reminded, that she is temperamental and likes to break the thread a lot. Does anyone have a remedy for this problem?

It was so fun to get back to sewing. I started by getting caught up in Jeni's HST series. Jeni's instructions are so easy and I knew this would be a nice quick finish to get my groove back.

I then started on the projects for the blog hop I am participating in with Katey using these fun WinterKist fabrics by Lecien.

There and Back

The hop starts on August 6 and there are some great prizes sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop

and some talented sewists ready to inspire you . 

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Aug 8  Jennie at Clover & Violet
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Aug 10  Sara at Sew Sweetness

Aug 13  Bianca at Sweet Diesel Designs
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Aug 20  Kim at My Go-Go Life
Aug 22 Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts
Aug 23 Jenelle at Echinops & Aster
Aug 24  Katie at There & Back

You'll have to wait until August 21 to see my finished projects, but here's a sneak peak. 

I received my July shipment from Pink Chalk fabrics for the Charming Solids Club. I love that they take all the guess work out of matching solid colors to prints.

I finally spent my winnings from the Retro Flowers QAL at Fat Quarter shop. I chose the layer cake of Sew Mama Sew

and all these 1/2 yard cuts of some really fun fabrics. $75 goes a long way! 

One thing I learned on vacation is that if you bring your laptop or smart phone you can still buy fabric in Europe from online shops. Shhh! Don't tell your husband (or mine for that matter)! I couldn't resist buying this stack of Cameo by Amy Butler

and I also joined the Stash Stack Club with Pink Castle Fabrics.  while I was away. And of course, the first month is P*I*N*K!

And finally, I use my birthday each year as a reminder to make all my doctors' appointments. It seems when turning 60, you get extra special doctor's addition to the normal routine Pap test,mammogram, skin check and blood work I get to have  eyes dilated, colonoscopy, EKG and treadmill stress test and a Shingles vaccine. Go ahead, bring it on, I can take it.  By the time I finish all these doctor visits it will be my birthday again!

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susan said...

One day I am going to come frolic in your stash!

Flying Blind... said...

Afraid I wasn't even born in 1969!
Lovely new additions; have fun at the docs!

Patchwork and Play said...

With reference to thread breakage does your spool lie horizontally? Mine does and I experienced the same thing with a large expensive spool of Aurifill- until I read that the thread should feed from the top, not the bottom. Loving the pinks and grays of your Christmas Winterkist project!!

Katy Cameron said...

Err, no, a decade too early, sorry!

Great job on the block catch up, and love your fabrics that you got in!

My dad says he's not sure what was better, you getting the colonoscopy or them having to shit for Britain and send it off!

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Beautiful blocks Diane! And the fabrics look really yummy! Hope you'll be able to figure out what's your machine is fussing about! Have you tried to re-thread it?

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Di I have the same machine and the exact same problem - it's less of an issue if I stick to nice Swiss polyester thread, but try anything fancy and there's generally a major protest!

Tiara said...

You are giving me major fabric envy! Sometmes my Bernina does that as well, first I clean the machine and en change out the bobbin thread. For whatever reason some bobbins like to nest more than others.

Rebeckah Austin said...

My friend Stephanie (Fullerton) and I went splitsies on the Stash Stack Club! We each now own a FQ of each of these lovlies! So pretty!

Mrs A said...

Welcome back Di, hope you had a great trip, its a cool summer in the UK! Bernina is temperamental, with a big T ! Yes it breaks threads. I seem to be going ok with Rasant, which is a good quilting thread. I have used Mettler, that was fine also. Have you oiled the bobbin very regularly ? I found that i can hear when it needs this, which is probably leaving it too late ! It needs loads of tlc, cleaning, oiling and regular needle changes.
I also adjust the tension to suit my quilting, and make sure you thread the bobbin so it gets that little hook thing - i often dont do this and it still goes fine, and run it along a bit before you cut it off. Happy sewing !

Ramona said...

I just moved from a Viking (almost 30 yrs) to a Bernina. Actually two I'm ashamed to say. Got an 820 and a 215 as a backup. (I had been down for weeks when my Viking died and did not like it!). I find the tension is set tight on the Bernina. Could that be a problem with your threa breaking?

Love your fabric choices. Such beauties.

naturemomm said...

When I talked to my shop owners about my thread breaking issues with my Bernina, they were able to steer me in the right direction as far as matching the needles to the type of thread I was using. They explained all about the eye of certain needles, etc. and it really helped me to understand the big picture. That totally solved my problem. I would check with our local shop and see what they suggest. Give that a try and see if it helps!