Sunday, July 29, 2012

This Week in 2012, Week 30

This week in 2012, the series continues.
My oldest granddaughter had her first sewing lesson with me.  She made a cute pair of shorts.
Next week she wants to make a skirt and she says a patchwork quilt is in her future. Thanks to all  my readers who sent in suggestions for things to make with her.

I enjoyed swimming laps in the beautiful community pool we have here in our neighborhood.

I made these sweet tarts using Bakerella's yummy and simple recipe. I am going to be so sad when fresh berries go out of season. For these I used a mix of strawberries and blueberries.

My sister discovered a new blog that is dedicated to using iPhone apps to enhance your iphone photos. I am obsessed with playing with these apps. For this photo I used autopainter, picfx and instaframe apps. I plan on spending some time reading through Karen's very interesting blog.


before, taken with Instagram (Sierra filter used)

How cool is it to be able to make your own art from a simple iPhone photo? I think I might be having some canvas prints made of our vacation photos.

I did do some sewing this week but it's one of those secret projects. This one is for Danny Mommy For Reals, who is in my Stitch Tease bee. Here is a sneaky peak of what I have been working on for Danny. She won't see it until next year when she will receive a finished quilt top put together by Helen.

 I've also been working on my Hexie MF quilt along. I now have 26 flowers finished, but still need to cut and baste a lot more hexies before I get even close to having enough to make the 68 flowers required for this quilt. I think once I get about 10 more flowers finished I will start thinking about the background fabric that it will all be sewn on to.

Since Katy is the queen of EPP, I asked her what needles she uses because I was not happy with the ones I have been using. She suggested these Black Gold needles by Clover. I ordered them from Amazon and had them the next day! They just glide through the fabric.

And last, but not least, I have been busy tending to my garden. There has been lots of tomato picking going on. Aren't they pretty? I think I am going to make some salsa today.

Have a great week!
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Carolyn said...

All your tomatoes look great! Yesterday we had them freshly sliced with mozzarella cheese, one of my favorite ways to enjoy them.

JanuaryT said...

The berry tarts look amazing!!! Is it like a biscuit? Do tell please :)

Katy Cameron said...

Oh I would have loved a fresh tomato and basil salad with that lot, and I think one of those tarts would have rounded things off nicely ;o)

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Mmm, those tomatoes look drooling yummy :) So do the fruit tarts! Thanks for the link for the recipe, I pinned it to my pinterest board :) It's so nice you're making the crust from scratch, I love it! And thanks for the suggestion for the needles! I do a lot of handwork and always eager to try new notions. The hexagon flowers look great, are you going to butt them up against each other, or put a background fabric between them? I love the polka dot centers :)))

Cindy said...

Thanks for the needle tip, I'll go buy some. Your tomatoes look great!

sukie said...

I love hexy flowers! They're going be a jaw dropper as a quilt!

Danny Heyen said...

GUITARS?!!?!?! I'm so excited!