Monday, August 27, 2012

100 Quilts for Kids

Last summer I quilted along with Jennifer and Sarah in the Across the Seas QAL and I made this quilt.

I tried to make a different backing than described in the instructions and ended up with this (U)n (F)inished (O)bject. It just had no character or flow so I folded it up and hoped that some day an idea would come to me. 

Flash forward to this summer when I read Katie's 100 Quilts for Kids post.  I knew I wanted to participate this year since last year I had to drop out due to my mom's injury. 
I found what remained of the Kate Spain Terrain layer cake and cut it up into 5" squares and made some disappearing 9 patch blocks. Then I cut up the already pieced quilt back that I had stashed away in the closet. 
I sewed them all together and ended up with this.

It's a large lap sized quilt, measuring 60"x67". I think it will make a teenage girl very happy with all the pretty pinks, greens and purples in the fabrics.

The backing is one of the Kate Spain prints from the Terrain line with a pieced stripe of what remained of the layer cake.
I used Brigitte's perfect teal print from Juggling Summer as the binding. It is the perfect color and compliment for these fabrics.

I quilted it using my untrained free-motion design. It's just a bunch of squiggles and as long as you don't look too close, it looks ok. But after a run through the washer and dryer it is all crinkly and cozy and I hope whomever receives it will be happy.

I'll be donating this one to the cancer ward at the Orange County Children's Hospital.
Thanks, Katie, for hosting this project and encouraging me to get involved.

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Mrs Flying Blind... said...


Tiara said...

Yay for you!

Susan Snooks said...

I love how you were able to make use of the 'unloved' backing! It's a lovely quilt and a great finish!

Canadian Abroad said...

That is a seriously cool quilt. Well done you!

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

It's a really pretty looking quilt Diane! I love it! That kid sure will be happy to receive it!

Mrs A said...

Lovely finish Di, well done!

**nicke... said...

i sure do love it! good job!

Katy Cameron said...

Cool effect, great thinking batman!

Cindy said...

Great job! I'm sure this quilt will be loved.

Erin said...

Well done, that's a really pretty quilt and I'm sure that someone will be VERY happy to receive it!

Jessie said...

I think this is gorgeous! The colors just sparkle. And so much fun to look at!