Sunday, September 2, 2012

This Week in 2012, Week 35

I am going to post really quickly tonight. We had a fun few days in Las Vegas but have decided we miss the old Vegas...the one where you could tell the street walkers from the 20 somethings who are actually tourists in Las Vegas.  What are some of these young women thinking when they get dressed?
We miss the old Vegas, where you actually won a little money or at least had fun losing it for a few hours.
In spite of the complaints, we did have a good time and really enjoyed the drive.

The sky is one of my favorite things about the desert.

The dancing fountains at the Bellagio Hotel are always a treat to watch on a hot summer night.

I did baste a few dozen hexies as we sat in our room to escape the heat for a few hours.

We found an amazing new to us sushi restaurant called Kabuto. It's in a strip mall off of Las Vegas Blvd. Best sushi of my life, for sure.

I'm keeping up with my photo a day following Fat Mum Slim's prompts.
I need to do a little editing and then I can post the August page of photos.

Today was Father's Day in Australia, so the prompt was father. This photo was taken of me and my dad the morning our eldest son was married, in 1999. I miss him like crazy!

I worked on this quilt today. It's a little further along than this photo. Hopefully more progress photos later in the week.

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Canadian Abroad said...

I'd go to Vegas for the best sushi of my life. That alone would make the trip worthwhile. Laughed about th streetwalker comment. What happened to the simple rule of you could show some cleavage, or some leg, but never both at the same time?

Susan Snooks said...

I don't think I'd recognise Vegas since I was there in 1980! I miss my dad too! Had he lived past 92, he would be 100 in October!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

OK you have started my day with a laugh and a tear, and it's not even 9am!

Katy Cameron said...

*Makes note of sushi restaurant for Vegas stage of mad road trip...

Looks like a fun time, and I promise not to go out looking like a street walker when I visit, my mammy dragged me up right ;o)

Geri said...

I know what you mean about the old Vegas. Remember Mom used to take her beaded tops and long skirts and they used to "dress up" at night! Remember how you could play for ever on $100! Remember how you actually won something once in a while! The only reason I would go now would be to see a great show!

Geri said...
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LuLu said...

Ah yes, Vegas. Those girls cruising the strip are just a little bit crazy. We go to Vegas a lot because it's close but we stay south of the strip and spend all of our time eating and shopping. The strip is just way too much for me, ha ha!
I miss my Dad too. He died when I was 19 and I never got to say goodbye.