Sunday, September 16, 2012

This Week in 2012, Week 37

Did someone declare this "I Love Di Week" ?, because that is exactly how I have been feeling. It started on Monday when I received my lovely swap package from Annabella in Morocco. 

Our beloved bulldog died on Wednesday morning and that afternoon I received a total surprise package from my sweet friend, Jennifer {Ellison Lane Quilts}, in North Carolina. It was a "just because" gift and I was so touched. While I was feeling blue, and laying low after my colonoscopy {everything was OK}, this perked up my spirits. Just look at the cute zippy pouch and little mini she made me. Both are made with beautiful sewing skills and I am completely in love with both gifts. She even made a coordinating note card. Thank you, Jennifer!

Now you would think that was enough for one week, but then on Thursday I received  a package from Danny {Mommy for Reals}. I thought it was her contribution to Annabella's quilt for our Stitch Tease Bee, but when I opened it I squealed with delight.
She made me 5 more X and + blocks to bring my collection up to 64!

Danny also sent enough pre-cut pieces for about 7 more blocks. At this rate I will only need to make another dozen or so blocks and then I will be able to start piecing this quilt together. Thanks to both my friends for making me feel so blessed to be in this generous and loving online quilting community.

Thank you to everyone who sent me texts, emails, and IG messages to express their condolences on the death of our dog. Sometimes, that dog drove me crazy, but now I find myself looking around for her and missing her so much. If we were ever to get another dog, and no we are NOT, I would get a bulldog in a heart beat. Maddie was the sweetest, most mild mannered dog we have ever owned. She will be missed and not forgotten.

I spent 2 days stippling my granny square quilt only to find that when I looked on the backside all the tension was loose and it had to be ripped out. Luckily, I only had to rip out about half of it. But this is a huge quilt and it took me three days to rip out all the bad parts.
I have finally finished stippling this quilt. Only the binding is left to complete. I will need to finish this by next weekend, when we will be having an early birthday celebration with my dear friend from high school and her husband. It is her gift.

Now you know next week's post will have a finished quilt in it.
I also made a surprise gift for a friend and I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I will wait to blog about it after she receives it in the mail. Let's just say it involves an Anna Maria Horner pattern and some gorgeous fabric.

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Annabella said...

Come on, it's always I love Di week! Lovely mail and I'm guessing you just walked in from a night out with Big Bubba! Hope you are feeling a little better and great news about the C word procedure.

Susan Snooks said...

Special gifts for a special lady! Glad to hear you got the 'all-clear' on the c.....y! And your granny squares quilt is going to be a fabulous birthday present!

Katy Cameron said...

Yay for all the gifts, and the clean bill of health, but boo on the quilting. I'm currently sitting here in agony after some FMQ bit back - grrr.

Cindy said...

Nice gifts Di! I'm so happy you were showered with gifts. I'm so sorry about your sweet Maddie!

Geri said...

You received an outpouring of love! That must have felt great. Love the gifts you got too ♥ Maddie could drive you crazy I'm sure but I know you loved her. She was really one sweet girl.

Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane said...

So glad you had a happy mail week to perk you up. Thinking about you and hope you've had a great weekend. xo