Monday, October 8, 2012

Mouthy Stitches 2 Tote, a Success Story

If you are tired of seeing my Mouthy Stitches Tote then just skip to the bottom of this post for another project or two. I am so pleased with the way this turned out I thought I would share it one more time and tell you how I decided to make this pattern

The front of the tote for Mouthy Stutches.

After perusing my secret partner's mosaic I knew she would love these colors and prints, but I was not sure how to incorporate her inspirations into a tote.
Then I remembered this quilt that Katy made {I am still working on my version of Orange Soda}, and I thought my partner might like a smaller version of this pattern.

possibly orange soda?
made by Katy Jones
I cut the fabrics into 3" strips and sewed them together in groups of three and then cut the strips into 3" strips and sewed them all together to make a patchwork piece 6 blocks wide and 6 blocks high.
We were instructed to follow this pattern, which would make a finished tote measuring approximately 13" x 13 1/2".
Mine is pretty close to that size, but not exact.
Then I drew a leaf shape that was 2 1/2" long and traced them on to some Steam a Seam 2 light and fused this to an aqua solid. Cut them out and then fused them to the patchwork piece. I used fusible batting and then quilted it through the leaf patterns in wavy lines and then added some random circles throughout the rest of the piece.

For the backside I just used a few of the scraps that were already sewn together to make a strip and then sewed it to some Putty colored Essex Linen, fused it to a piece of batting and quilted it with random wavy lines.

The back of the tote for Mouthy Stitches swap

The tote is supposed to be reversible but I thought I would just use this super cute print from the new Seaside line of fabric and add a zipper pocket. I used this tutorial for the inside pocket. I don't think my partner will care that it's just plain on the inside because the print is so sweet.

There's a pocket inside.

There are strict rules with this swap. No extras besides a key fob. Shoot, I didn't even know what a key fob was, but it is a key ring or key chain, so I made a simple one using this tutorial.
So there you have it partner. Now I need to wait 2 more weeks to get it sent off to you.

I liked these fabrics so much that I made two quick zippy pouches to give as gifts to some friends at Sewing Summit later this week.

Zipper pouch

This one was influenced by this cute pouch that I saw on Flickr.
Zipper pouch

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Flying Blind... said...

All totally beautiful x

Trudi said...

Oh it's so gorgeous! Such a shame about the strict rules because your zipper pouches are just so perfect too! say hello to Katy, Katy and Laura Jane at SS, have a wonderful time!

Katy Cameron said...

These are all fab, love them!

Heather D. said...

Very nice Di. Your partner will be thrilled. Personally I think strict rules are a good thing, then no one is disappointed, right?

Cindy Sharp said...

Well done.

Cindy said...

How do you get so much done when you have family in town? You amaze me. The pouches are awesome!

Leanne said...

I love them all, the bag is wonderful as are the pouches!

Susan Standen said...

You are a star! That tote is amazing and your partner will love you - and if it is me I already love you!!!

Cindy said...

I just love every bit that's in this post. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

leanne said...

I just love that tote and such a gorgeous little pouch - the machine quilting and hand quilting are fabulous :)

Annabella said...

I do love that tote but have come to the conclusion that it is destined for someone else. Thanks for the link to the fob tute as I was wondering how to make it!

Geri said...

Beautiful work Di!!! ♥♥♥

Kelly said...

Love them all - you have one very lucky partner!!

Mom2three said...

These are so beautiful! Love the colors and pouches! What a great size for a tote as well! I've never heard of a key fob before, but showed it to my college age daughter and she was drooling already! So glad you posted this!