Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Look Back at 2012

It is week 52 in my series "This Week in 2012".  I only missed posting a weekly follow-up two weeks; one while I was on vacation and the other last Sunday, before Christmas, when I was up to my ears in Christmas prep. For the final week I thought I would end the series by showing you all the projects I made in 2012. I know there are a few missing and a few I still can't show you, but you can see it was a good year for productivity.

Quilts Completed

2012 quilts
I already have four quilt tops ready to baste and quilt in 2013 and have started a fifth and sixth one.


2012 swaps
I was glad I kept swaps to a minimum this year and really only signed up for the ones where I knew there would be great challenges and lots of talented people to get to know. I also received some lovely gifts in return. Through the year I also received some "just because" gifts from generous and talented friends.

Quilt Alongs, BOM, and Bees
2012 bees, bom, qal
The same goes for Quilt-alongs, Block of the Month and Bees. The people are the best part of these groups. The bee I started, Stitch Tease, has been full of secrets and great friendships. I was so happy to meet Danny, Dianne and Katy in person this year and look forward to meeting Susan, Hadley and Helen in July. That leaves Annabella...someday soon we will meet. But for now we talk on the phone and email a lot.
I finished the year of the New Bee on the Block and also joined Modern Stitching Bee, where there is the possiblility for great friendships to form and lots of talent.
I learned to English Paper Piece and hope to finish my Hexie MF quilt before  we get too far into the new year .
Home Dec
2012 home dec

Pillows, pillows, pillows...such a simple thing to make and they really pack a punch. I think the hardest thing I ever made was the Not So Spring Deer pillow...not because it was a difficult pattern, but because spatially, my brain can't think in reverse, backwards and upside down. I think Nova's fabric bowl pattern is brilliant and I know there are more of these in my future.
Purses and Bags

2012 purses, bags and clutches
I know, I know, I am a little obsessed with making purses, bags and framed clutch purses...but they are so fun and make a great gift. I'm running out of people to make them for but will need to make several samples for the class I am teaching, in March, at The Sew South Retreat.


2012 food

I always like sharing the recipes I have made that I think are really good or that I have tried for the first time. I especially like making things with fruits and vegetables picked from our garden.

The year had some wonderful highlights and some sad moments, too. Looking back, family gatherings top the list as do celebrating our anniversary in Poland in June and my 60th birthday, in July, surrounded by family and friends. Meeting Tacha in Berlin, Dianne in Vienna and all the wonderful new friends at Sewing Summit definitely deserve a mention. We said goodbye to our sweet bulldog, Maddie. She was the sweetest dog ever.

It is with great sadness that we also had a few friends die this year. We are so grateful for the friendships that we had with them and the love and good times we shared.
I thank each and every one of my readers for coming to my little corner of the blogosphere and taking the time to read and comment on the things I care to share with you. Writing this blog gives me great joy. I love sharing my projects and little bits of my life with you.  In return, you all inspire me and challenge me to go outside of my creative comfort zone. I only hope 2013 will be a good year for all of us and I look forward to meeting more of you in person.

Happy New Year!


Patchwork and Play said...

You have had an amazing year Di! Prolific and beautiful!! I love everything you make and you are such a generous soul! Happy New Year to you and yours!

Geri said...

What a busy year you had creating all of your beautiful projects!!! Wishing you the best year ever ♥♥♥

Canadian Abroad said...

I cannot believe how many beautiful things you made in one year!! But best of all, for me, is becoming your friend. Thank you so much for that. Cannot wait to meet you.

Trudi said...

Wow! You've had a cracking year of makes! Like Susan the highlight has been getting to know you a little better, looking forward to meeting you in 2013 :). Happy new year to you and yours x

Katy Cameron said...

You've have an amazingly, beautifully productive year, and it was lovely to meet you too. See you at FQR!

Have a great hogmanay and happy new year :o)

Lindsay Conner said...

Maddie looks so sweet there... I am a cat person, but have never met a bulldog I didn't fall in love with! Cheers to 2013, and congrats on your finishes this year!

Join us if you'd like!

Sarah said...

WOW! You have been so productive and you get a lovely finish to your work. It looks very professional. Your quilts are beautiful! How lucky you have been to travel and meet some blogs friends.

suemac said...

You had a very productive year. I only belong to one block swap and that is enough for me. Phew.

Jennifer Marie said...

happy new year! phew, you had an amazing year, cant wait to see what 2013 will bring!

Cindy said...

What a year you've had! Happy New Year!

Leanne said...

All of these amazing projects are so beautiful, I am always so inspired by you, especially by the colours you use and put together. I am looking forward to meeting you in London, seems a strange and exotic place to finally meet up.

Flying Blind... said...

Amazing year - I can't wait to meet you next summer. Happy New year my friend xxx

Dianne Neale said...

It was lovely to meet you too. Looking forward to July. I love your sewing, your cooking, your family ( although I've not met most of them!). Happy 2013 Di

Annabella said...

Such an amazing year of beautiful makes - so sorry I won't get to meet you in the summer :-( but one day we will- of that I'm sure. So happy we are friends :-)

Danny Heyen said...

Happy New Year! It was great to meet you and follow along with you on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Amazing things you make, I am in awe at how prolific you are;) Well done.

Anonymous said...

Great job! So many beautiful quilts and finishes!

amy g :) said...

holy cats, you got so much done this year!!! and i love your retro flowers - that's the biggest one i've seen; i've heard they were somewhat time consuming so that's impressive!