Friday, December 14, 2012

Sewing + Cooking = Exercise

Earlier in the week this gorgeous copper pan arrived.
My son, the chef, told me I needed a copper jam pan
for making all the jams, jellies and preserves
I enjoy making with our garden harvests.
He ordered it for me using his wonderful chef discount.
Isn't it pretty?
Almost too pretty to use.

So today I gathered the ingredients needed to make 
Tangerine jam using our Satsuma tangerines,
sugar and water.
Just three ingredients needed to make this yummy, sticky jam.

The jam needs to cook for about an hour to get to the right thickness.
We received a last minute invitation for a dinner party this weekend.
So I needed a last minute hostess gift.
The marmalade is a given,
but I wanted to make something a little bit Christmasy.
Our friends, Willie and Monika, are from Germany.
Monika's parents were florists and she was raised  in her parents shop
and eventually took it over and worked there until she
moved to the US.
Her house is impeccably decorated for every holiday so I know she will appreciate 
this Christmas pillow made with Cherry Christmas.
Here's where the exercise comes in...
my sewing room is upstairs...
the marmalade needed to be stirred every ten minutes...
so I was running up and down the stairs all afternoon.

christmas pillow under tree

Christmas Pillow outdoors

Between the cooking, canning and sewing I must have run up and down the stairs at least 20 times.
I used the same tangerine photo {from the tangerine Limoncello}
 to make the labels.

I ended up the day with a pillow made and 6 jars of marmalade.

I still have lots of tangerines,
so I think I'll make a batch of tangerine/apricot jam next.


Lisa said...

That seriously sounds like the best day ever. I adore jamming and I adore sewing - I think you must have been in heaven!!!!

Holli said...

The jam looks heavenly! And your pillow is just lovely! I can only imagine that your thighs must be equally spectacular after such a creatively active day! :)

Susan Snooks said...

Love the copper pot! And the jam looks yummy! Good to know you got your exercise in at the same time as your sewing! A true multi-tasker!

Dianne Neale said...

Lovely day. The jam looks wonderful in those pretty jars.

Canadian Abroad said...

Now that's an exercise regime I could get into! Love the copper jam pot. It is stunningly beautiful. And your cushion will most certainly be well received as will the jam.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Well done - all look wonderful, and I bet you do too now!

Katy Cameron said...

Who said sewing was a sedentary exercise ;o) My mum has one of those copper pans too for making marmalade, I'm sure yours will taste fabulous, and love the cushion

suemac said...

Love the copper pot. The marmalade looks yummy. The pillow is really cute and I am sure your friend will like it.

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Just fabulous! I bet that jam is absolutely delicious!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

mmmmm yummy!!

Leanne said...

I covet that amazing pot for making jam, your gifts are both so lovely. You must have been tired after all the stairs but you sure have your daily exercise taken care of.

Rachel said...

I am in LOVE with that pan. seriously. Love the pillow...and the exercise counts. LOL.