Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Quick Trip

We have just returned from a quick trip to Arizona, where we arrived just in time to see this guy win first place in the 25 yard butterfly for 8 and under boys and he's 6 years old!

We celebrated with a treat at Yogurtland afterwards.

Yes, that's the temperature at 8:43 pm...

The next day was a double performance at D's first dance recital. She's not only a beautiful ballerina

but a talented tapper, too!

I delivered the second Flower Girl quilt and Miss O could not wait to lay on it.

So now both girls have their matching quilts.

We really enjoyed talking to J about his plans to attend basketball camp this summer.

We ended with a tea party.

The whole motley crew for one silly pose before we left to drive home.

The weekend was super fun but our time with these precious ones was too short.


suemac said...

Unless you live in the same town it is hard to get to see the grandkids. I know I enjoy what little time I have.

Geri said...

Such cute photos! Papa must have been proud of the little tapper seeing as he was once a tapper too!

Katy Cameron said...

Congrats to all, including you for finishing that quilt!

Susan Snooks said...

Butterfly and he is only six! Wow! Swimming would be the only exercise in those temperatures.

Marit said...

Such cute and talented kiddos! I've lived in Phx and kind of miss that dry heat. But 110 that late is a bit much... Nice to see your quilty work being loved!

heart of charnwood said...

Wow, whirlwind visit, i'm betting you came home for a rest! Looks like so much fun :o)

Cindy Sharp said...