Sunday, June 30, 2013

Finish-A-Long Q2...the results

When I made this list I knew I was being way too ambitious, but I did manage to finish 4 of the 9 quilts on this list.

she can quilt

1. Siblings Together quilt. If you don't know about this project you can read about it here.
My inspiration for this quilt came from this book.

I need to baste, quilt and bind it before it can be shipped off to England.

Siblings Together Quilt
2. Flower Girl: I have starched all fat quarters and begun to cut all the pieces for another Flower Girl Quilt. This will be a quilt for my granddaughter, to match the one I made earlier in the year for her sister.

Flower Girl Quilt

3. Over a year ago I sent off this starter block to my bee mates in the Stitch Tease Bee. I hadn't seen what has been added to it until today when it arrived as the most touching quilt top. I will finish it in time to take to FQ Retreat, I promise. I will also write a separate post about my fabulous quilt, we are just waiting for one more person to receive hers.
Stitch Tease Strip

Wordy Friends Quilt
4. Hexie MF: This one is a hopeful finish. Since this quilt is completely hand-pieced, I want to hand quilt it too. I still need to add the stems and a few more hexie flowers to it before I can even begin thinking about that. Wish me luck on this finish.
This is still in the work in progress pile

5.Flying Geese: I am obsessed with flying geese right now so I chose them in any size or configuration for my month in the Modern Stitching Bee. Providing I receive all my blocks from the members, I hope to arrange and finish this quilt, too.
I did receive all the blocks but all I did was take these blocks out, look at them,play with an arrangement and put them back. This is at the top of my list for the third quarter.

6. The Medallion-Along has slipped to the bottom of my priority list, although I love this quilt and it will be for me, there is no rush to finish, but I am hopeful.
No progress! I hope to get to this soon. 

7. I forgot the things from last quarter's list that went unfinished. Two Giant Star quilts made with my Fat Quarter bundle of Indie prints. This one with a teal background.

Finished and donated to Oklahoma Tornado relief.

Indie Star Quilt

8. The other with a grey linen background.
No Progress!

9. And let's not forget the quilt top I made with all the leftover squares of Indie set in a background of Kona Coal and surrounded by Summerville Weave in Coal.
Another one with No Progress!

Well, 4 quilts finished is an accomplishment. I know now not to make such an ambitious list for next quarter.


dutchcomfort said...

That’s a wonderful result Diane!

suemac said...

Nine quilts was a stretch. Four was doable. Great job. They all look wonderful.

Cindy said...

How nice to have so many quilts finished! They all look great Di!

Susan Snooks said...

Finish that wonderful European vacation should be on top of your Q3 FAL list! And my red flying geese blocks should be be relegated to the BACK of your quilt (I really don't mind!)

Cindy said...

Wow you have several amazing projects ongoing and a few glorious finishes. Well done, Di! Love seeing your flying geese blocks together. They look fab!

Canadian Abroad said...

Result! You just make things so quickly and stick with them until the end most of the time. I dither and chop and change so much I sometimes forget just what I have on project wise.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Big lists are good - now you don't have to think of anything for Q3, you have it sorted!

Rhonda the Rambler said...

I think 4 quilts is an AMAZING finish!!! Plus all those other things you did that weren't on the list.