Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Review...One Stitch at a Time

It's that time of year when we all look back at what we created during the year and say, "Shh, Don't tell  my husband how much all this fabric costs"...I made all that?

There were many zipper pouches made, both large and small. I learned to sew with leather which has added a new dimension to my creative journey. The biggest bag I made also caused the biggest headache. It was my first travel duffle. Luckily, I had 50 friends, all cheering for each other, as we completed our bags together at Sew South Retreat. It didn't scar me too badly because I have made two more, in different sizes, since that first one. Cosmetic bags, open wide pouches and triple zip bags rounded out the zipper department.

And then there were the framed clutch bags. Most of these were made with my pattern sold on Craftsy {see sidebar for the link}. I also have a new design in the works. That pattern should be ready for publication soon.

I made a few Home Dec items. I need to make more pillows. They are a great gift and a fun and easy project to make.

Quilts...I didn't think I finished 20 quilts, but looking back I did. My favorite quilt is one I had very little to do with making. It's that gorgeous word quilt made by my Stitch Tease Bee. It means so much to me and has pride of place on my bed right now.  I did quilt it and I am quite proud of that. As soon as my sewing room is painted, it is going to hang on the wall so I can enjoy it all year long. Also pictured in this  first collage:
Rainbow of Flying Geese mini quilt gifted to Lindsay.
Churn Dash Quilt Gifted to Megan
HST Block of the Month {keeper}
X and Plus quilt (made with blocks from swaps and most I made) {keeper}
Color Block Quilt donated to Siblings Together
Two Flower Girl quilts for my granddaughters who live in Arizona
A quilt refashioned and donated to the Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Charity
And Mr. Romance's favorite quilt of many colors, The Scrappy Trip Along Quilt.

This second collage shows my second Stitch Tease Bee quilt {top, far right}. I will do a full review of it on a separate blog post soon. We finally took it to the park today to get some photos so I could include it in my mosaic.
In honor of 100 Quilts for Kids  I made a quilt and donated it to Alexandria House {a shelter for battered women and children in Los Angeles}
A baby doll sleeping bag for my granddaughter, Eden.
Simple patchwork of Seaside fabrics for my cousin's baby boy
Modern Geese quilt made by my Modern Stitching Bee and finished by me. {keeper}
Larry's Gone Fishing, a memory quilt {gifted}
Swirling Modern Maples I love the way I quilted this one {kept}
Cascade Quilt {gifted to our son and his fiance' for an engagement gift}
2 of Jeni's Giant Star quilts. One was donated to Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Charity. I received the most beautiful note from someone who reads my blog and lives in Moore. She was on the committee to distribute the quilts and she wrote to tell me about the young girl who received the quilt. 
The second star quilt was gifted to my friend, Debbie, for her 60th birthday.

There were other small projects made throughout the year.  Lots of charity blocks and pillowcases. Some projects I forgot to photograph and some were just plain ugly.

That wraps up 2013. There are only a few hours left in the year for us here on the west coast. We saw a movie earlier today and had an early dinner. We are celebrating with a quiet evening by watching TV and drinking pink champagne. The Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Special from 2001 was on TV tonight. It was really good. I know, we are about as exciting as watching paint dry.

I have so many unfinished projects from this year. I hope to get some finished soon. I have also started a mega project with Denyse Schmidt fabric. I think it's going to be a while before I finish that one.

I'm not going to make any New Year resolutions because I never keep them.
I wish you all a very Happy 2014.


Debbie said...

A very productive - and beautiful - year for you!

Susan Snooks said...

Always wonderful to see your yearly makes in one place- so much skill and colour on display! Here's to a great 2014 with many new sewing adventures!

Linda Coleman said...

You must have 72 hours in each day. Great makes, so jealous, best wishes to you and your family for 2014

Leanne said...

Your 20 quilts are all beautiful, as are all the other projects. Thank you for a year of inspiration. Happy New Year and I wish you the best for the coming year.

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Happy new year Di (and Paul!). I loved getting to meet you in person last year!!

mascanlon said...

Wow! What a fun collage full of bright colors, and kindness. Happy New Year!

heart of charnwood said...

Happy New Year! Full of beautiful makes there, I only wish my year had been half so productive, and I really need to get a handle on my outstanding unfinished quilts etc! Looking forward to seeign what you make next :o)

The Cozy Pumpkin said...

Di - What a fabulously creative year you've had. Thank you again, so much, for donating to the Moore Oklahoma Tornado victims. Recovery in Moore is coming along and I know each and every quilt donated is treasured and used daily. :) What comfort that brought to someone in need. Happy New Year!

Katy Cameron said...

Gorgeous selection of makes, and 20 quilts is amazing, given all the globetrotting!

Hope you all have a fabulous New Year :o)

Geri said...

What a year of accomplishments! Such beautiful creations. You must be so proud (I am so proud of you!) I guess making a travel bag is like having a baby you forget about the pain and just do it again (smile).

dutchcomfort said...

It has been a wonderful year of accomplishments Diane!
Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with love, health and creativity!

May Chappell said...

What an amazing year!!! You're so talented!

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

I loved the review of your projects. Wow! You made a lot! I look forward to seeing your wonderful 2014 creations!

Svetlana said...

what a productive year you had, all your projects are beautiful.

Sarah said...

Hahaha as exciting as watching paint dry is normal! That's why I enjoy reading yours, and others', blogs. You are real people. Happy New Year.

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