Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sister Socks

These socks have been finished for a while and I still have not given them to my sister. She knows I am making them and has seen them on my Instagram account, but we haven't made plans to get together so I can give them to her. She only lives 20 minutes from me, but we have a hard time coming up with a plan to get together.
I started working on them in mid-May when I was confined to my house with a horrible sinus infection. I got them knitted up pretty quickly because I had to pack up my sewing supplies due to all the construction going on with our house remodel.
Mountain Colors Handpainted yarn Poppy Trail
I love the happy colors and the way the yarn makes little mini stripes as I progress.
Mountain Colors Handpainted yarn Poppy Trail
I worked on them in the backyard while the crew was busy installing our wood floors.
Mountain Colors Handpainted yarn Poppy Trail
When it came time to finally photograph the end result I took the socks to my favorite photo location...our backyard.
They look pretty with the daisies, don't you agree?
Mountain Colors Handpainted yarn Poppy Trail
I'm still learning and with this pair I decided I need to learn a better way to bind off when I am finished with the socks.
Mountain Colors Handpainted yarn Poppy Trail
I thought the socks looked pretty on this mini...I'll blog about that soon too.
Mountain Colors Handpainted yarn Poppy Trail
Sock Stats:
Pattern: Basic Stockinette stitch socks with a Fish Lips Kiss heel
Yarn: Mountain Colors Handpainted Yarn in Poppy Trail colorway
Needles: Addi Turbo Sock Rockets 40" circular needle US size 1 (2.5 mm)


Judy H said...

Beautiful socks. I have the 'single sock syndrome' at my house.

Dora, the Quilter said...

Do you do Jeny's Amazingly Stretchy Bind-Off? It's wonderful for socks--although I have to refer to it on paper or on-line every time I finish a pair.

Dianne Neale said...

Lovely Di, but I can't believe you and your sis can't get together! Are you making your own patterns already?

gpc said...

I LOVE socks, and those are beauties! :)

Geri said...

These are the first pair of handmade socks I have ever owned and love them even more because they are made by you! I'll always think of you as my feet snuggle into their new cozy apparel!

Katy Cameron said...

Och, who needs socks in the summer anyway ;o)