Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bridges, Beer and Leaf Peeping

Bridges, beer and leaf peeping.This pretty much sums up our Vermont vacation. Mr. Romance and I have now been home one week from our fabulous Vermont vacation. It's taken me that long to get caught up with bills, errands and paperwork. I' worked on this post a littlle ata time, but it is very long and full of lots of photos. I hope you enjoy our photo recap of a wonderful two weeks in Vermont.
We spent most mornings sleeping in until nearly 9 am., and then started our exploring around 11 each morning. Every day involved driving around and finding beautiful, hidden, tree lined, small country roads.
Instead of giving you a day by day account of our travels I thought I would just write the words that come to mind when remembering our fantastic time in Vermont. The only thing we didn't do on our Vermont Bucket list was go fly fishing. The streams were really low and we did not see one person fishing, so we figured they weren't catching much.

Colorful leaves and trees
Delicious crunchy apples
Ben & Jerry's ice cream
Long, relaxing drives
Beautiful lakes and streams
Peaceful places to hike
Small town America
Trails for biking and walking
Gondola ride
Cooking Breakfast in our room
Fall Colors
Good beer
Cool, crisp weather
Shelburne Museum
Wool sweaters, socks and boots
Quilt displays
Hot and humid
Trapp Family Lodge 
Outlet shopping
Great hotel rooms
University of Vermont Hockey
Beautiful Covered Bridges

Showing you lots and lots of photos, almost all taken with the iPhone 6


Susan Snooks said...

What an absolutely beautiful and inspiring place to visit! Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation with us!

Tsoniki said...

Such beautiful fall pictures! Your trip looked so fun and relaxing.

Isisjem said...

What stunning photographs! Simply beautiful.

Katy Cameron said...

Beautiful! Guess you'll have to go back for the fly fishing and enjoy it some more :oD

mascanlon said...

Looks like a perfect vacation, quiet, beautiful and full of good food, beer and company. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Looks fabulous Di - I went to Vermont 20 years ago and would love to go back!

Geri said...

Looks like something out of Norman Rockwell's paintings! We will have to add Vermont to our bucket list! Love the photos - they look like post cards!

Meg said...

Wha great shots...
I love Vermont.
My sister lives in Dorset.
Last year, I went to the Vermont Quilt Fest.
It'd been on my bucket list a long time and it did not disappoint.
Every time I go, I always leave so inspired by color...
Either the magnificent greens of summer or those fabulous fall hues.
The original Jane Stickle quilt is in the Benninfton Museum, but only displayed once a year.
Glad you enjoyed your trip.
I did, too.

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful area. This is the part of the USA I would most love to visit.