Friday, December 19, 2014

Working Under Pressure

Self-imposed pressure is the best motivator for me. For some reason, yesterday, I found my Christmas spirit. I think it had something to do with Molli Sparkles putting out a call on Instagram to collect hashtag blocks and make quilts for the families who tragically lost loved ones in a gunman's terrorist attack in Australia. You wouldn't think hearing such horrible news would cheer someone, but to see the amazing outpouring of love and help from quilters all over the world really does make me happy. So I made 7 blocks and packaged them up to ship off to Australia.

And then I went to my granddaughter's kindergarten program.
I have been putting off finishing the decorating of the house but I was feeling such joy after the program that I went to the nursery to buy the fresh garland and wreaths I usually use to decorate the outside windows and fireplace. Disappointed, because they were out of garland and wreaths, I made a mental note to be sure to get to the nursery earlier in the season from now on. But I did buy the fresh flowers and poinsettias I needed to make the centerpieces.
I came home and made two arrangements and also decorated the dining room tables.

Now all I need to do is set the tables for Christmas Day and wrap gifts and bake cookies and maybe make a few more gifts get the picture. I'll be ready and it will be a great day.


Geri said...

Glad you found "the spirit"....lovely new header too!

mascanlon said...

Yes, I am behind too but looking forward to staring the celebrating today with some of the kids in No Calif. and I only have the binding on one quilt to do by the big day!

Katy Cameron said...

I was worried about how long the hashtag blocks would take from here, after my IG mini took over 2 weeks before the real Christmas rush hit! I sent money for batting instead :o)