Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Perfect Sunday

Mr. Romance and I have been trying to plan more outings and get out in the sunshine and enjoy the beautiful area that we call home. This weekend we planned a good Sunday by going to mass on Saturday evening, thus leaving the entire Sunday to ourselves to have a nice day together and still have time to work on some individual projects.
We headed down to Corona del Mar to eat breakfast and then enjoyed the tide pools and walked along the beach. It was a beautiful day, with temperatures in the low 70's {sorry to those freezing in other parts of the country and across the globe}.

When we came home I decided to whip up an infinity scarf with two yards of one of the double gauze prints from Cotton and Steel. This took all of about 10 minutes. I can't wait to wear it and I imagine it will get softer as it is washed. 

With lots of time to spare this afternoon, I basted the Virtual Quilting Bee quilt and will work on getting it finished this week. I think I am going to go for straight line quilting. The quilt itself is so busy, I think that will calm it down a bit.

I hope everyone had a good Sunday.


Annabella said...

Quite envious of your warmth - it's cold here at the moment and not even very sunny! Looks like the perfect day and what a great couple you are. BTW, I think you'll fall in love with this quilt once it's done :-)

Annabella said...

Me again - I love the infinity scarf!! have a huge navy blue pashmina and I'm living in it at the moment as it's so warm!!

suemac said...

Yummy infinity scarf.

Unknown said...

Hi I love the infinity scarf,it's beautiful. I have some lovely double gauge fabric and have been wondering what I could use it for, can you say how to make one? Or do you know of a tutorial? I am fairly new to this kind of sewing and would love to have a go. Thank you Lin

Tsoniki said...

What a gorgeous day! And beautiful quilt. I may have missed it before, do you spray baste? I still use pins. . . LOL