Friday, June 5, 2015

Last But Not Least

June is all about me in the Stitch Tease Bee.

I wanted to think of a really hard block to use as payback to some of my bee mates (joking of course) but in the end I decided on the Intersection block by Film in the Fridge.

I've asked for a all variations of the block, as Ashley suggests in her tutorial. The blocks end up 11-1/2" unfinished, but have different sized cross sections.

For colors I would like Navy, teal or aqua, fuschia, mustard, coral. Lots of contrasting colors so the intersections show up well.

I love the colors used in Cotton and Steel, Lighthearted by Ayumi and any other fabrics that use these colors I have listed. I'm not going to be real picky because I left this to the end to even think about it, AND...I have the utmost confidence in all of my bee mates that they will make lovely blocks and use fabrics they know I like.

I've made two blocks to start, but hope to make a bunch more to make a generously sized lap quilt.

June finishes the third year of Stitch Tease.  When I started this bee I never dreamed I would become so attached to these fabulously talented, kind and loving women. I hope we go on for many more years to come. We have shared life's journey along with our sewing skills and that's why this community is so fantastic.


Debbie said...

This will be a great quilt! I love that pattern with its variations.

OPQuilt said...

Great block--should be fun to see!

Unknown said...

Love these blocks. Excited for another year of Stitch Tease! <3

Susan Snooks said...

I love the simplicity of this design! And your colour choice is spot-on!

Spontaneous Threads said...

you have been busy! This should be a fun and beautiful quilt.