Friday, September 4, 2015

Three on the Third

Being in three bees sometimes has it's challenges. That was not the case this September. I think it's because we had August off for two of the bees so I was able to rest and feel refreshed. 
First up was Stash Sewciety's Dana, who asked for plus blocks made with Rachel's tutorial. I love making these blocks and those new low volume prints by Brigitte of Zen Chic for Moda might be my new favorite fabric.

Next, Nicky, the newest member to Stitch Tease Bee asked for blocks to help her build a tile wall like she saw at the Alhambra Palce in Spain. Nicky created a Pinterest board for inspiration. I LOVED this challenge and found it so fun. She asked for blocks that are mostly tone on tone in shades of orange with touches of aqua. The first block was a downsized version of a baby quilt in Angela's book.

Then I made another block of diamond shapes. I am a little low on tone on tone orange fabrics, so I used the same fabrics for all three blocks.

For the third block I found this tile on Pinterest and used it as inspiration.

Bee Sewcial always challenges me. I have learned so much from this bee and it really makes me think outside of my normal parameters of quilting. This time Hillary set forth a challenge that spoke to me. I love black and white quilts and have wanted to make one for a very long time. I think trying out this minimalist challenge with negative space is just the right push to get me to finally make a black and white quilt of my own. She asked us to make something with meaning; either specific to ourselves or a general statement. It didn't have to be a heavy topic. 
The first block I used a "square peg in a round hole" idea, because that is how I feel sometimes.
The second block I made a minimalist swimmer, which represents my love of exercising in the water, whether it be swimming or water jogging.
This month Bee Sewcial opened up it's inspiration ideas to the Instagram community. If you are interested in creating along with this bee you should check out the hashtag on Instagram. #inspiredbybeesewcial


Susan said...

Three such different briefs must really challenge your creativity.....but you have done a wonderful job. I think the plus blocks are my favourite, beautiful fabric choices.

Susan Snooks said...

The blocks for both Nicky and Hillary are so creative! I can understand how they would have been a challenge but you have certainly risen to it! Great job Di!

Debbie said...

I really like all your blocks for this month - especially bee sewcial of course, but also your 'tile wall' blocks - very cool.