Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2015

I am sneaking into Blogger's Quilt Festival at the very last minute. I have decided to enter my Kitchen Sink  quilt into the "Scrap Quilt" Category. I think it's pretty obvious why I chose this category.Thank you to Amy Ellis for hosting this always inspiring event and allowing us to show off our creations for all to see.

Here is the blog post I wrote about it last month. It's one of my favorite photo shoots, ever. I wish there was a Quilt Photography Category.

I have been waiting for a day when Mr. Romance and I could schedule a photo shoot for my latest quilt finish. We finally squeezed it in this week between all the home repairs and other things we have going on at our house. It seems when you live in a home for 30 years, all of a sudden everything but the kitchen sink needs fixing or replacing.
This is my Kitchen Sink quilt.  I got the idea for the name from my friend, Chase, who named her scrap/orphan block quilt the same thing. Since it is made of scraps, practice blocks and orphan blocks, that's everything BUT the kitchen sink.The quilt itself is inspired by all the beautiful projects that Amanda Jean makes. I started this when she had her scrap vortex quilt-along. 

There are some PRECIOUS scraps and there are some FUGLY scraps, too.
I am glad I was able to incorporate the orphan blocks on the front of the quilt.

I pieced the 25 Farmer's Wife blocks that I abandoned several years ago into one big block and used it on the back of the quilt. I didn't like my fabric choices at the time, but they look pretty good all together on the back of the quilt, surrounded in an IKEA Alphabet print duvet cover and a strip of the IKEA Nummers print.

I quilted it on my Bernina 820 using a very random and relaxed wavy pattern, alternating the direction of the squiggly lines to give this quilt some great texture.

A scrappy print deserves a scrappy binding. These are all leftover binding strips, saved from other quilts when I overestimated the amount of binding I would need.

I have to say I am so excited to have found the perfect photo opportunity for this quilt. We have a scrap yard a few miles from our house. I must have driven by it a million times in the last 30 years and finally noticed the sign painted on the wall. How cool is this photo?

Quilt Stats:
Name:The Kitchen Sink Quilt
Fabric: precious scraps, ugly scraps, orphan blocks, and practice blocks.
Thread: Pieced with Aurifil 50 wt. white and quilted with Aurifil 40 wt. White
Backing Fabric: IKEA duvet cover Alphabet print in Black and White, IKEA Nummers print, 25 Farmer's Wife Blocks.
Batting:Warm and White
Size:55" x 77.5"


Debbie said...

oh I'm glad you entered this quilt - one of my very favorite quilts AND photoshoot!

Susan Snooks said...

Love the bike block and the zipper! It's such a fun quilt!

Catherine said...

Great setting for a great quilt:-)

Josie McRazie said...

I love love love this!! I so want to make a scrap vomit quilt, but I fear letting go of control by just letting it happen! And the blocks on the back came together beautifully! !

Isisjem said...

I love this idea. It's a perfect scrap buster of a quilt and my eye always gets drawn to that zipper block. I may have to round all my unused blocks up and do something similar. Certainly much better than leaving them in a freezer bag in a heap!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Diane! Your scrap quilt is super bautiful! I couldn't have imagined that the text is really written on the wall if you hadn't said it! Perfect place for this fantastic quilt! Colours and fabrics with special pieces are beautiful! x Teje

suemac said...

Love your photo op. Perfect.

Sarah Fredette said...

Love!! I especially love that you incorporated orphaned quilt blocks -- those are the "worst" kind of scraps. :D And the photo op is amazing. :)

Kat said...

What an awesome scrap quilt! Love the "Zipper" fabric.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Orphans, uglies, and the BEST. Photo shoot. EVER!!!