Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Italy Trip, Part Two

For the next segment of our trip we drove across Italy to the Puglia region. Although this part of our vacation involved a lot of driving, it also was one of the most interesting; from UNESCO World Heritage sites to food tasting to staying on an Agriturismo. We had a lot of rain while here, but luckily it was almost always when we were in the car and didn't keep us from seeing all that we wanted to see.
The photo pages I have created show some of the amazingly beautiful places we visited. So many movies have been filmed in Matera. This has been on my bucket list for a while. It has been a city for 6700 years!
This was also the part of our trip where the mosquitos discovered me and made me miserable. Benedryl became my best friend, because the anti-bug creams and lotions just do not work for me.

The Masseria Zambardo is a working olive farm and a beautiful location. It was far from everything, which had it's advantages and disadvantages. The last night we were in the region, we had dinner at the sister location, Incantalupi. It was a pre-fixe dinner, but was not nearly as good as the dinner we had at the Masseria il'Frantoio in Ostuni, 8 years ago. This was another beautiful location and one we wish we could have seen during the day. Our location was so pretty, especially the pool and patio area. The view from the breakfast room was lovely.

The second day in Puglia, we drove to Alberobello. Another UNESCO World Heritage location. You can stay in the Trulli, which is what the buildings are called. They were built like this to avoid taxes. By removing one brick the roof would crumble and the house would be taxed at a lesser rate. Even centuries ago people were trying every way they knew to avoid paying taxed!

The olive oil tour was very interesting. Our guide was the owner of the business. We had a "hands on" tour...meaning we got to put our hands in the olive oil!

All photo pages were created on my iPad using the Project Life app. I really like using this app and it makes documenting our travels so easy. (All opinions are my own)

*I am having a Blogger issue and cannot seem to get the photos to center all the time. Sorry for the weird layout of this post.


Geri said...

beautiful photos and layouts...what are you using these days to scrap?

Geri said...

I just read from the post after this one that you use the Project Life app! I need to start organizing some photos this way - then you print them, right?