Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mid-Century Modern in Print

The theme for Stitch Tease Bee this month is Mid-Century Modern blocks. Dianne {@Quiltova on Instagram} asked for blocks with a mid century modern theme in colors ranging from orange, coral and pinks to mustard and gold, aquas, teals and lime green. She said if we used any light colors could they please be low volume prints. She also gave us free range on size and the amount of blocks we wanted to make. I went a little overboard because I was having fun with the challenge. The large block is 12"x24". The others are 4"x10" and 6" square. 
This is my second time working with a  mid-century modern theme challenge. Last year in the Bee-Sewcial group Debbie asked for mid century modern blocks in solid colors. You can see Debbie's finished quilt here.  Working in that bee gave me the confidence to design some blocks of my own, for Dianne, based on her Pinterest board
This was a really fun challenge for me and one I hope my Stitch Tease bee mates will embrace as well.


Robby said...

I think you did a fantastic job capturing the feel of her Pinterest board. So clever.

Debbie said...

You're probably not surprised but I love your blocks! Can't wait to see this bee's MCM quilt!

Susan Snooks said...

Truly mid-century- in design and colour! You really have the knack to read this period very well Di!

Sue said...

I'm REALLY liking these blocks done in prints!