Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Knitting Bag for Ann

For the last three out of four years I have received a very special treat in the mail, all the way from the United Kingdom.
Here's the story...
In 2013 I noticed several of my friends living in the United Kingdom were posting photos on Instagram of their Christmas cakes being made for the upcoming holiday season. I am familiar with fruit cake but this looked and sounded very unlike the rum soaked cakes of my childhood (that nobody would eat). When I commented of my curiosity about these cakes my friend Susan sent me a recipe. But my friend, Katy, and her mom surprised me by actually sending me a piece of her Christmas cake. I was hooked. This cake is so good. Covered in marzipan and sweet but not too sweet. I look forward to my gift every year.
It's taken me this long to think of something to make for Ann because, unlike fruitcake, everything that I bake or preserve would not travel as well. Katy told me her mom knits so I decided to make her a knitting bag and include a few extras.
I had this piece of Field Study linen by Anna Maria Horner and a perfect coordinating fabric for the binding.

The interior of the bag has a vinyl zipper pocket on one side and several slots on the otherside to keep knitting needles and accessories. When opened the bag measures 10.5" x 20".

I'll pack this up and send it off next week. I still want to find a few extras to send with it.


Susan Snooks said...

My husband is a big fan of Christmas cake, and I'm guessing the one you've sampled would be similar to what we have here, given out links to the United Kingdom! I love this bag Di! Did you make up your own pattern or did you find a tutorial online?

Geri said...

Such a beautiful bag - I never told you that I washed the chemo bag you made me (soon to serve other purposes when I stop chemo) and it came out beautifully!!!! You are such a good sewist (also known as a sexist by auto-spell)