Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Gingham Tunic

I made a tunic. Please tell me it doesn't look like a tablecloth! I just love gingham fabric and found this twill weight gingham at IKEA last year. I pre-washed it and it really has a lovely weight and feel, like a high quality fabric, so I decided to make the Green Bee Lela Tunic and Blouse pattern.  I have had the pattern for several years. It was part of a swag bag from a retreat I went to...I think.

I wanted to make contrasting facings and this Rifle Paper Company for C&S fabrics was a perfect choice.  Another design element I changed was to cut the yoke and lower sleeve cuff on the bias. 

Ugh! See that little spot of orange at the top of the slit...the iron away marking pen didn't disappear. I'm probably the only one who would know except now you all know, too!

I cut a size medium yoke and then graded out the rest of the pattern through the hips to the extra -large size. I probably should have shortened it through the waist length and then I would have been OK fitting a large through the hips and adding back the length on the bottom. I wish independent pattern makers would mark the suggested waist and give a back waist length measurement. This is my biggest frustration with making my own clothes. I am so short-waisted and need this measurement to get the best fit.

I'm pretty sure I see another tunic in my future. Now that I know how it fits I can make a few adjustments and use up some more of my hoarded stash of garment fabrics.


ann said...

this looks terrific Di. The floral facing and bindings are a lovely touch. Tablecloth ? Pshaw, no table ever looked so good. If the bit of orange marking bothers you (as you say no one will notice) you could do some contrasting hand stitching as a design element to cover it. I'm impressed. It looks like you could wear this dressed up or down. Congrats of a fabulous finish.

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

It looks fantastic Di and I absolutely love the facing! I think I'll have to get hold of this pattern and try it out too! You look wonderful by the way - lovely Southern California glow not like all of us washed out white post-winter Europeans!!

Dianne Neale said...

A tabule cloth😂😂😂.Not at all!!! Really suits you and I love the floral binding.

Lisa C said...

The floral facings make my heart go pitter patter. Do you follow Goodbye Valentino? I seem to remember she's short waisted also. I think your tunic is lovely!

Poppyprint said...

What a super cute tunic!! I just love the facings. I finally got my nerve up and made a tunic last week, too! Still need to get some photos. I bought the Ola tunic pattern from Tessuti in Sydney. Although I tried on their sampkexand they assured me it was a size small, I panicked and made the medium because I haven't been a small in anything since I was 8 years old. So? It's too big. I can absolutely wear it but I'll make the small next time. The measurements on the pattern sizes were miles off my measurements. That's my pet peeve - I've never found a pattern where the measurements make any sense for my body!