Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Socks That Martha Ate

About six weeks ago I came home to find that Martha, my sweet Labradoodle, had gotten into a bag of yarn and shredded it all over our family room. It was over $100 worth of yarn that I had planned to knit several pairs of socks.  I couldn't be mad with her; look at that sweet face; I was angry with myself for not moving the yarn to a safer location.

I decided I wanted to make our daughter-in-law a pair of socks for her birthday, so I began knitting a pair of socks using three different yarns and using the "fade" method to blend the yarns when changing from one yarn to the other. 

I took this project with me on vacation and would knit each night as we sat in the bar and watched the sunset  at our hotel in Grand Teton National Park.

When we arrived home I only had the leg to finish on the second sock. We decided to run out for a quick dinner one evening and, as we always do since the "yarn incident", I picked everything up and put it on the counter, out of Martha's reach (so I thought).

We were gone less than an hour, but that was plenty of time for her to somehow get the knitting bag off the counter and completely destroy the toe and most of the foot of one of the socks. I was so angry and she knew it! We didn't look at each other for two days!

Luckily, Hue Loco still carried the pink yarn and I was able to order it and get it in time to finish the socks for Briana.

I gifted them to her yesterday and was so pleased to know I was able to repair and continue making these socks for her. They turned out beautifully and she really liked them. Because one sock ended up being knit toe up and the other was finished top down the toes look a little different but once they are on her feet I have no doubt I am the only one who would know.

I finished the toe with a kitchener stitch, which I am finally understanding and love how pretty this toe looks. I might be a new convert to knitting top down socks.

I started knitting gusset, slip stitch heels instead of the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I like the look of it a little more.

These socks will make a perfect fall staple for Briana. The colors are so pretty.

And thus ends the story of The Socks That Martha Ate!


Geri said...

So pretty....but OH Martha!!!

Susan Snooks said...

Oh Martha! I bet 'butter wouldn't melt in her mouth"! (Do you know that saying, or is it more of an Australian one. My sweet mother used to say it all the time! ) They are lovely socks, and no one would know that they are knitted with different techniques. I want to learn Kitchener stitch too! I have to use it to cast off my neckline on my recent knitted sweater.

Debbie said...

Beautiful socks! Quite the story tho!! yikes Martha!!

Sarah said...

Oh no! Naughty Martha but I completely see that she'd be hard to stay mad at. Your sock knitting is always so pretty and the blend of colours is perfect fro autumn on these ones.