Sunday, February 18, 2018

Rainbows, Unicorns and a Granddaughter's Birthday

We have ten grandchildren and with each birthday, Christmas and big life event it gets harder and harder to come up with gift ideas. For Olivia's 7th birthday last week I made her a huge Lisa the Unicorn pillow. Thanks to my friend, MaryAnn, for bringing this pattern to my attention, because the minute I saw it I knew Olivia would love it.
I made the mane using a rainbow of strips from my stash. The horn is made using several different blue fabrics.

lisa the unicorn pillow

To accentuate the mane I quilted it with a series of swirling lines using a metallic thread. You really can't see it in the photos but the thread sparkles and adds great texture to the pillow.

I also used the metallic thread on the eye to make it sparkle, too.

The rest of the pillow is quilted in a 1" grid pattern using white Aurifil 40 weight thread.
I forgot to take a photo of the back of the pillow. I made three pockets on the back. I told Livvie she can use it for a reading pillow or a sleepover pillow. She has room to put her pajamas, a book, or to hide a treasure in the pillow.
I finished the pillow with an invisible zipper on the bottom, so the cover can be removed to be laundered.
We completed the gift by adding pajamas and a set of Ivy and the Bean books to the gift. I think Olivia was pretty happy with her gift.
The pillow is huge. I used a 28" pillow form in it. 

This was a really fun make. Elizabeth Hartman patterns are easy to follow and very well written. The pattern can be made as a pillow or a quilt.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Birthday Quilt for Susan

If you have followed my blog for a while you know that if someone I love has a special event in their life I usually make them a quilt to commemorate that event. My friend Susan's 70th birthday was such an event. If your birthday is December 19 it somehow gets pushed to the back burner for a while and so Susan and I did not get together until January. We enjoyed a lovely lunch and catching up on family and solving the problems of the world. We have known each other for nearly 40 years and have celebrated many of life's achievements and cried over several of life's sorrows.

A few years ago I was a member of the 4x5 Modern Quilting Bee. I participated in several rounds and collected nearly 20 blocks from members of the bee. My chosen colors were "colors of the sea"; aqua, blues and greens. A few months ago I decided to put most of the blocks together to make a quilt, at the time, with no recipient in mind. Coming up with a setting for the blocks and still getting a good sized quilt was a little challenging, but I decided on this layout creating lots of negative space to let the blocks shine on their own.

I sent the quilt to Crinklelove for longarm quilting. Sarah did a beautiful job.

The backing is a duvet cover from IKEA, with stripes in the colors of the sea once again.
I bound the quilt using Timeless Treasures Sketch Basic in Aqua, the same fabric I used to bind Kyle's quilt given to him at Christmas.

The greatest pleasure I get after gifting a quilt is to receive photos of it in use. Susan was sure to send me a photo the very next day of the quilt on her bed. 

I sometimes miss the Flickr days and the times of swaps and short term bees, especially the 4x5 bee.

Quilt Stats:
Fabric: various greens, blues and aqua fabrics from members of the 4x5 bee.
Background fabric: Michael Miller Cotton Couture Bright White
Backing: IKEA duvet cover
Binding: Timeless Treasures Sketch Basic Aqua
Batting: Hobbs 80/20
Quilting: All over pattern Abundant Feathers by Crinklelove
Size before laundering: 84" x 85"

Monday, February 5, 2018

A Luminous Picnic Quilt

Last spring, after attending a quilting retreat with some friends, I came home excited to cut up my Anna Maria Horner Luminous fabrics. After seeing the really cute baby quilt a friend there had made I decided I wanted to make the same quilt she had made only on a much grander scale. Each of these blocks is made up of a 10" square, a 5" square in a square block and 8-3"x5" flying geese blocks, making the block finish at 15" x 15".

My son had asked for a large picnic quilt for his family to take to the park or beach, where they enjoy spending a lot of time, so this quilt was destined to be for them. I finished the quilt top pretty quickly, arranging the blocks in a 6x7 grid and adding a row of flying geese at the top and right side. I then put it in a closet until the fall when I sent it off to be quilted by the long arm quilter.

Anna Maria Horner Luminous fabric quilt

Sarah at Crinklelove did a beautiful job of quilting it for me. The quilt top finished at 95" x 110" and I knew I could never have wrestled this monster through my Bernina 820.

Anna Maria Horner Luminous fabric quilt

The backing is my go to wide back newsprint from Carrie Bloomston. I am so glad that this print is in constant supply so that I can order more when I start to run low of it. I bound it with Timeless Treasures Sketch basic in Aqua.
I've started finishing the binding on the machine. My hands just cannot hold a small needle for the hours it would have taken me to attach 420" of  binding. Once I resigned myself to liking the look of a machine finished binding, I am happy with the hours it has saved me and also the pain it has saved my hands from attaching it by hand, like I have usually done in the past. 

Anna Maria Horner Luminous fabric quilt

We gave this quilt to Kyle, Briana and Valko on Christmas morning, but I think their dog, Butterball, thought it was for her.

Anna Maria Horner Luminous fabric quilt

Kyle tells me the quilt has already gotten a lot of use on chilly mornings in their home. He said it is nice and big to wrap up in. They have also used it at the parks they like to visit in their neighborhood and in Palm Springs, as picture below.

Anna Maria Horner Luminous fabric quilt

Quilt Stats:
Fabric: Luminous (first edition) by Anna Maria Horner
             Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Bright White
Binding: Timeless Treasure Sketch Basic in Aqua
Batting: Hobbs 80/20 cotton blend
Thread: Pieced with Aurifil
Quilted by Sarah @Crinklelove
Size: 95" x 110"