Tuesday, February 27, 2018

New Look Pattern D0270

I finished this dress a few weeks ago and have already worn it a few times before our weather turned quite cold.
The fabric was purchased at Joann's. It is a faux croc print on a knit fabric. The fabric was not expensive and I used it to try out this pattern in a wearable muslin.

new look pattern D0270

I started making my own clothes when I was 10 years old, so that's a lot of years of sewing experience and with this dress I learned something new. I learned how to make a full hip arjustment! 
I have always had a pear shaped body but usually just cut the pattern bigger at the side seams through the hip area,  some times losing the integrity of the seam line. I was so excited when I stumbled on an easy tutorial for making the full hip adjustment and will be using it on everything I make from now on.

New Look pattern D0270

Some changes I made to the pattern besides the hip adjustment are:
*The flounce on the sleeve was supposed to have a double 1/4" hem but I chose to line it with a voile print to add a little pop of interest to the underside of the sleeve.
*The pattern does not call for knit fabric but it seemed to work well with the fabric (which is not too stretchy) without any adjustments.
I used Eloflex stretchable thread for the first time. My machine was not a big fan of it but I will try it again on another project to give it a second chance.


Susan Snooks said...

That is one impressive finish Di! The dress looks fabulous on you! I love the print on the underside of the flounce! Very stylish!