Friday, March 2, 2018

Baa-ble Mittens and a tutorial

I finished the Baa-ble mittens a few weeks ago and promised on Instagram that I would write a tutorial to tell how I lined them, so here goes:

1. Put the mitten on your hand and lay it on a piece of paper, keeping your wrist flat on the tabletop and your thumb spread wide.

2. Trace around your hand.

3. Add 1/2" to the shape you just traced.

4. I used a thin cotton t-shirt knit from Joann's. You could also use an old, thin t-shirt. Cut out the shape you traced and then serge around the outside edges, cutting into the crease where your thumb meets your hand.

5. No need to turn the lining inside out. Just put it on your hand and then shove your hand into the mitten, trying to align the thumb and side seams so that they are centered in the mitten comfortably.

6. Turn under 1/2" and hand stitch the lining to the mitten, about 1/2" from the bottom of the cuff.

baable mittens

7. I used an upholstery thread because the color matched but any thread will do.

I gifted the mittens to my dear friend, Mim, who lives in Washington. Hopefully they will help to keep her warm. I also made her a cuddly infiniti scarf.

I also made the Baa-ble hat in the kids version for my sweet grandson, Valko.

I gave it to him last week and he wore it all weekend, because it's still been quite cold in Southern California.

baable hat


Debbie said...

Super sweet! Those mittens look so comfy and I love the little hat on your grandson!