Monday, April 9, 2018

Easter 2018

Our Easter celebration was going to be a quiet one with just our two youngest sons and their little families joining us for brunch. Our older sons were not going to be able to join us this year; one lives in Arizona and his kids were on spring break weeks ago and our second oldest and his family wanted to go away for spring break. But we never do anything small.
A friend invited us to her home but when we said we were already having Evan and Kyle over for brunch, we asked them to join we would be 9 adults and two babies. My friend asked if her daughter's roommate could join us, since she had no where to go, so of course we said yes...10+2 was the count.
Then I thought we should invite our friends, Willie and Monika, since they really like Les and Renata...12+2.

I love setting a beautiful table and have started making my own floral arrangements. A simple table is made elegant with the addition of some beautiful spring flowers. This year I added little pots of wheat grass to really give the table a springtime flare.

At the last minute, Michael and his family couldn't think of anywhere to go since their eldest son was still recuperating from knee surgery. So guess what? Now they can come for Easter brunch, too! We always include Michael's mother-in-law in our invitations so the final count was 15 adults, 4 kids (who eat as much as adults) and two babies...and three dogs! A good time was had by all.
We started off the weekend with the local grandkids coming over to help dye Easter eggs.

Brunch is served.I always make Easter like my mom did with a lot of our traditional Polish/Slovak foods that we ate each Easter when I was growing up plus some new things. This year I made Gravlax and homemade bagels. Both were so good. Also fun was a Bellini bar with fruit purees ready to flavor Prosecco (or 7-up for the non-drinkers).
We had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. I always put a bathing suit in the Easter baskets for the grandkids just like I used to for their dads. This year I couldn't resist making our smallest granddaughter a Geranium dress and I made Valko, the youngest grandson, a matching bow tie.

A Stanley backyard party is not complete without a wild game of ping pong. We've had some great battles, especially when we play the one where you run around the table after each hit of the ball.

We also sang Happy Birthday to Kyle(35) and Evan (38) , who have birthdays this week. Each Easter I try to make a pretty cake. This year was a tulip cake. The easy tutorial can be found on Pinterest. I used a delicious strawberry cake that I have been making for several years and a minimalist frosting, since most people like cake that way nowadays. And these Golden Krispie Bars are delicious and a new take on Rice Krispie Bars. 

Later that evening our daughter-in-law Facetimed from Arizona and then promptly sent their Easter photos. I love's almost like they were with us too.
I am enjoying making scrapbook pages again. I'm learning to use a few new to me apps which make the pages look like they were made using paper scrapbook products.

I hope your springtime fun is off to a good start. I know many in the East are still experiencing winter weather but here in California it's going to be in the 90's this week. That's a little too hot for April...thank you very much.


Lisa C said...

I enjoy looking at your holiday pictures. So fun and beautiful. I need a slice of that strawberry cake!

Chookyblue...... said...

Wow easter looks amazing at your place.......