Monday, July 2, 2018

Making a Handbag

I am not a fan of a large purse and designer handbags don't impress me. For me, a handbag need only have two qualities, be lightweight and only be large enough to carry the few essentials I need with me; those essentials are my wallet, a lipstick, my cell phone and a small bag of "stuff" (Kleenex, gum, a pen and maybe medicine or vitamins). That's it!! Oh, and it must be attractive.
The Hampton Handbag fits all the criteria and it is easily made in an afternoon.
I first discovered Upstyle Designs when I saw Robin on the Martha Stewart Living TV show, a long time ago. Her patterns are really well written and turn out perfectly each time.
I made one adjustment to the pattern. I added two inches of height to the pattern, making the bag finish at 10" x 10" x 4" deep.

hampton handbag

I made the Hampton Handbag using a cork fabric that I purchased from Sew Sweetness. The cork is easy to sew with and really does not require any special treatment. You just want to measure twice and pay attention to where your seam lines are supposed to be. You really don't want to unpick stitches when using cork fabric because the needle makes holes in the fabric. I sewed with regular Aurifil 50 wt. thread and a size 14 leather needle.

The inside of the bag has two pockets, one with a zipper, the other without a zipper, making a perfect place to put your cell phone for easy accessibility.

I purchased the black finish hardware kit from Upstyle Designs which even included purse feet. If you're like me you dislike putting your handbag on the floor in a public place. I try to keep it close by and find a chair to put it on. If that is not available, then the purse feet help to keep the bottom of the bag off of the ground.

Most sewists have had a go at making a "bag style" purse, but making a framed handbag ups your game and gives the bag a real pro look. Give it a try.