Tuesday, July 3, 2018

My Body Model

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I am completely obsessed with a new web app called My Body Model. What you might not know is that I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was growing up. If you've not heard about My Body Model app, it is a Beta app where you can put in all your body measurements and produce a croquis for designing clothing, trying out patterns and designing knitwear.
Here's what mine looks like.

Then I use an app on my iPad called SketchClub and my Apple Pen to draw and design, adding hair and coloring in the garment I have sketched. You can even audition fabrics. This is a drawing of my Easter Dress and me wearing it on Mother's Day. I like using the Sketch Club app on my iPad because it doesn't waste paper and I can easily add or subtract lines and colors I have used to design my garments and fabric combinations. My sketches have improved from when I first started drawing just 2 weeks ago.

Sometimes I just sketch to see what a style might look like on my pear shaped body.

With no plans to make a bathing suit this summer, I still had fun drawing a few popular patterns on My Body Model.

This is my first complete sketch to finished dress. I photographed the fabric then used it in the Sketch Club app to see how it might look made up in Simplicity Pattern 6467. I'm so pleased with this dress and the gorgeous Viscose Poplin I purchased from Blackbird Fabrics.

Knitters can also design using the app. I didn't design this Gambier Jacket, but I did make it for Paul. There's a woman's version that I just might make for myself after seeing this sketch.

Trying to decide if I should make the mid-length or the long length Winslow Culottes, I've scanned in the fabric I want to use and I was leaning toward the longer length.

I enjoy sketching so much, I'm even sketching clothes I see others wearing. Growing up, I remember my mother had a beautiful coat that I called "the oatmeal coat", because it looked like someone had spilled a box of uncooked oatmeal all over the wool fabric. My sister and I have been trying to find a photo of mom wearing the coat, but so far, no luck. I've always wanted to recreate that coat and after sketching it on my body croquis I think I need to make it a priority.

I've sketched in different arm positions on some of my drawings and even altered the croquis to simulate a back image, hopefully Erica will be incorporating these things into her app soon. I'd love to recreate the gown that Barbra Streisand wore in her 1967 concert in Central Park.

Erica has a design class of videos on her YouTube channel. So far we have learned how to draw necklines and sleeves. It's really fun to follow along. Who knows, I might become a fashion designer after all!

If you'd like to see more sketches and also know more of how sewing has given me more confidence, pop on over to the My Body Model website where I am a guest blogger.


Susan Snooks said...

With all the designing and clothes sewing you are doing, I think you need to make a separate page for all of them! It would be a great resource for future reference! I must go back and read the guest post on My Body Model!