Monday, July 9, 2018

The Gambier Jacket

Since I first fell in love with knitting, about 6 years ago, I hoped I would gain the skills to make Mr. Romance a sweater. After finishing three sweaters for myself in the last year I knew I was ready to tackle something a little more complicated and worthy of making for Paul. 

men's gambier jacket

I first saw the Gambier Jacket on Instagram and knew this would fulfill my desire to knit for Paul. I love the color work, the bulky yarn and the fact that it reminds me of a sweater you might see Adam Levine wearing. It's very stylish and looks so warm and cozy, too.

men's gambier jacket

When I began knitting this sweater, I never imagined it would only take me 10 days to complete it. From start to finish, it was a most satisfying project.

I liked the example on Ravelry so much, that I decided to use the very same yarn the designer used when I made Paul's jacket.

I found the most perfect buttons to finish this jacket. They are made of fallen antlers that have been recovered in the forest. They really are perfect and the fact that each one is a little bit different makes them even more special.

antler buttons

Paul was a very willing model and hammed it up pretty good in several photos.

I had enough of the yarn leftover to make him a matching hat. I'm pretty sure that men don't wear matchy-matchy knits, but he'll have the hat to keep him warm when we travel.

It wasn't until I was editing the photos and deciding which ones to use in this blog post that I discovered a big boo-boo on the left front piece. I used the wrong color yarn in the pattern. What should be the honey colored yarn is grey in one of the diamond motifs.

After knitting this sweater, blocking it, admiring it several times, it wasn't until I was photographing Paul wearing it that I noticed the error. There was no way I was going to unpick the entire sweater, so I fixed it (visually) by stitching over the errors with the right colored yarn...cross-stitch style. It's not a perfect fix but it sure won't draw my eye to the error each time Paul wears the sweater.

 In this photo the honey and the white yarns sort of run together and look the same color
He's looking mighty handsome in his jacket AND he was a real good sport modeling this for me during our 90'F heatwave, last weekend. It's a good thing we did it then because it's 105'F this weekend.

I understand there is a Ladies version of the Gambier jacket . I think I need to make myself one now.

Sweater Stats
                    Size 46
               50% Canadian Rambouillet 50% Alpaca
               Colors: Ash, Snow and Honey
Needles: Lykke Interchangeable circular needles sizes 10 and 11
Buttons: Natural, fallen antler, Purchased at Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. in Long Beach, California



Chookyblue...... said...

This is beatiful...... Wow so quick to ...

Debbie said...

TEN DAYS?!?! That's really amazing. The sweater looks so wonderful - and Paul wears it well! It looks like he's enjoying himself. ;-) Good job on the 'fix' - you'd never know!!

Susan Snooks said...

You sure are a knitting wiz Di! Another fabulous make!

Lisa C said...

Fabulous job! Your reference to Adam Levine made me giggle because I knew exactly what you meant. Great job and very handsome model!

Sally said...

This is gorgeous and looks perfect on your husband! Great fixing idea, too, the best of both worlds.