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Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Even Exchange

I looked up the definition of SWAP and here's what it says:
1. to give in trade
2. to make an exchange

A few weeks ago I totally butted in to a Twitter conversation between Dana {Old Red Barn Co} and Faith {Fresh Lemons}. They were talking about QuiltCon and then the conversation went on to bag making and how Dana wanted an Anna Maria Horner Multi-Tasker Tote. She even said what fabric she wanted it made in, but she doesn't make bags. What she does make are the most beautiful quilts. She is also a soap maker and a fantastic mom, gardener and cook. 

I told her I like making bags and I would make her the tote. I never said anything more about it and a few weeks later I had it all made and shipped it off to her.
In my excitement to get it in the mail to her I forgot to take any photos of it, so these photos are from Dana's blog post.

It is made using two prints from Anna Maria Horner's new Field Study line of fabrics. The pattern was easy to follow and fun to make. It is a large, roomy tote, with lots of pockets. I think I would like to make one for myself now.

I met Dana at Sewing Summit last year and have since come to admire her not only for her talents but also for her generosity and especially her mothering. I wish we lived closer, we would be great friends because we have so many of the same values and like so many of the same things.

I thought my little surprise ended there, but this week look what arrived in the mail for me from Dana.

There are 6 bars of Dana's homemade goat's milk soap and 2 jars of her sugar scrub for hands and body. I am going to be the softest, best smelling person around. She also made me two washcloths and a beeswax heart. That would have been plenty, but she also included a jar of her Black and Blue jam that she makes from blackberries and blueberries picked from her garden, {I'm planning on eating the whole jar with a spoon, who needs toast?}, her favorite tea and a jar of local North Carolina spring wildflower honey.

These little unexpected swaps are fun. I hope someday soon, that I can meet Dana in person again, but in the meantime we will stay in touch through social media...our blogs, Twitter and Instagram.

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