Sunday, September 26, 2010

day 3, Camp signage

Today was a short day but not without emotion. We arrived at camp in the rain, at 7:15, to dismantle the flags once more, pack them up and take them to the closing ceremonies site at Memorial Stadium in Seattle. This time I carried the 40 lb. sand bags on my shoulders, so I am now at least an inch shorter on one side, JK. But, seriously, it is amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it. We only had to set up 15 flags and then about 15 wind "jammers", as I call them. I posted the photos from today with yesterdays post. OOPS! You can see we were right underneath the space needle, which was pretty cool, since I have never been that close to it. There was also an Italian Festival going on in the area, which is where I grabbed a meatball sub for lunch.
We saw the walkers starting to arrive at the finish line and they had that glazed look in their eyes, most were limping, but were so happy to be finished with the 60 miles, knowing they had set a goal and accomplished it and also raised at least $2300 for breast cancer research. By the way, the person who raised the most money got a special tent at camp with a heater, raised cot and mattress, larger tent and full recognition at the head of the camp site. She raised $44,000+! Amazing!
After we got back to our hotel we rested, I was exhausted and took a two hour nap. Some of the gals went to the Boeing plant and took the tour. They said it was very interesting. You can fit 75 football fields inside this plant!
Our last dinner as team California 2010 was at Ivar's for a delicious fish dinner.
Thanks to all who posted words of encouragement to my Facebook...I really appreciate your support.