Wednesday, September 22, 2010

first day, Seattle

We arrived and I have to say, what an event it was getting here. We arrived at Long Beach airport in record time...only to realize that Diane H. had forgotten here ID and credit cards. To make a long story short, they let her on the plane using a Costco card and a phone interview as her identification. Kind of scary, huh? Then there were 9 children on a plane that only sat 72!...and the plane was not full. But, those 9 kids were so really was a miserable flight. It's a good thing I am here for a charity event because this is definitely not a vacation...until tonight. We had a great dinner and then laughed hysterically about all that went wrong with the day.
Tomorrow we are going to do a little site seeing before the work begins on Friday.


Geri said...

Glad you got there safely (even though it was a wild ride!)