Saturday, September 4, 2010

a scenic drive for lunch to Morgat, then Locranon

Today will be quick...
we spent a few hours talking with Rhianna and her husband this morning.Very nice people. They came here 5 years ago because they got tired of England and wanted a change. They have been to San Francisco and she has an aunt there. They said if the US made it easier, they would move to San Francisco. They have a 7 year old son. But here they are in France where she told us a bit about the rules. She said from the age of 16 you start training to be something...from a factory worker to a doctor and you never change careers. She said you need a license to do everything and anything here. She said the British have a saying, "the French even need a license to fart"! That was so funny hear her say with her proper British accent.
We headed for the city of Crozon, but there was nothing there so we continued on to Morgat, a seaside village. Stopped for lunch, where we ate at a Creperie. The true Breton crepe made with buckwheat flour.
After lunch we headed to Locranon, an artist colony set up in an ancient village. We had seen this place on Rick Steve's travel show.
We enjoyed the biscuiterie and walking through the old cemetary, but really not a lot to see so headed back to the inn for more relaxation.
We have had beautiful weather, in fact today it was almost too warm.
Don't know what the plan will be for tonight, but I know it will be an early to bed night because we have a big day planned for tomorrow. We are meeting a woman who stayed with us last summer through Couchsurfing. Should be fun to have a guide again, like we did with Christine and Alain.


Geri said...

The church reminds me of the one in Bryn Athyn