Friday, September 3, 2010

Visiting Dinard and Dinan

Wednesday was our last day in this area of Brittany, so we planned a day trip to Dinard and Dinan. Last month, when we went to the Pagaent of the Masters in Laguna Beach, our waiter was from Brittany. Small world, huh? So he gave us the name of his friend and the restaurant he owns in Dinard. We decided to go there and see if we could find the restaurant and Geuluen, the friend. Luck had it that it was pretty easy to find and Geuluen was there. We told him we knew his friend, Thierry, and he was so happy. He had lost track of where he was, so we gave him the name of the restaurant in Laguna and he gave us a free glass of wine. We ate lunch and then went on touring the town of Dinard. It is a port town also, and very beach oriented. It would be so nice if it was a little warmer. But, for we Californians, it was a little to cool to lay on the beach.
We then drove to Dinan...a very touristy town. But, really cool old buildings, a church and lots of shopping.
Tonight was our last night in Cancale, so we ate at the restaurant at the Chateaux Richeau. Disappointing...but we met a really nice couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, from Colorado.
Time to go do more sightseeing....


Geri said...

The pictures are all so great and love the commentary too!