Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sunday Dinners...I am grateful for Sunday Dinners. 
About 8 years ago we started having our local kids (and grandkids) over for Sunday dinner.  When Brent and Molly were in town we made sure to plan ahead so everyone would be at our house for Sunday dinner. Sometimes we would add other friends into the mix. That usually meant between 10-16 people and as the grandkids started to increase in numbers, so did the count for dinner. But then work and school and kid's activities started interfering with our plan. Sometimes, I would be sad because I was missing the kids or grandkids who couldn't be here instead of celebrating the ones who were here. Do any other of you empty nesters feel that way? You really miss the kids you don't see often and don't appreciate the ones who live close? Well, today we had our first Sunday dinner in months. It was so fun to have Evan, Michael, Jenny, Makenzie, Toring, Corbin, Eden and my mom all here for an easy pasta dinner. Jenny made homemade pasta, I made the sauce, salad, and asparagus. A simple dessert of ice cream and cookies and we were set. Afterwards, the guys watched the hockey and basketball games and the kids played "dance party". It was a fun and relaxing afternoon/evening.

Makenzie was our official photographer today.

I am thankful for Sunday dinners and the only thing that would have made it better would have been to have Brent, Molly, Jack, Sam, Davis, Kyle and Julia here with us. We miss them!