Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grateful Day 7

Today started out really bad. Nothing major, I was just rushed and everything was going wrong and taking longer than the time I had allotted for each task. After a few hours of running my mom to the doctor, taking the dogs for nail trims and a few other errands, Mom and I stopped home for a few minutes, before we headed out for her other appointment and some more errands. I decided to check my email and this is the subject of my GRATITUDE today. The email read:

Hi Diane, took my mom to the dentist today and while we were waiting, she said to me.....I'm thinking about Diane and I said how come and she said .....because her husband is a dentist and we're at the dentist now. She does remember you.
Hope you are all doing well.

This email was from the daughter of my dear friend, Darlene. Darlene is 62 years old, became a widow this year and has Alzheimer's disease. When we went to her husband's funeral in June she did not know Paul or I. So to receive that email just put everything back into place for me.It also warmed my heart to know that going to the dentist could trigger a memory for Darlene.
I am grateful to have known Darlene and Silvio and to have had them in my life for 38 years. 
I am grateful to have spent the day with my mom and have her doctor tell me she is doing great, at 85 years old.
I am grateful to have my health.
Silvio and Darlene 2007
I am just grateful today!!


Geri said...

Interesting how quickly God "checked" your feelings of frustration by reminding you of your many blessings through your email encounter with Darlene's daughter today. God is good!