Monday, November 29, 2010


Tonight I went to dinner with my mom. 
Just me and my 85 year old mom. 
She can't see the menu so I tell her what's on it and what she might enjoy. 
She always pays the bill. 
I wanted to take her out. But, you see my mom lives with us and this is her way of saying "thank you". 
She also likes to wash dishes (and no you can't borrow her).
What do you talk to your mom about when she lives with you and knows pretty much everything that is going on in your life? Here's what I do...
I ask her about her life. 
What things were like when she was a child?
 What street did her best friend live on?
We reminisce about Dad and some of the things we miss about him or some of the things he did that drove us crazy.
We talk about cooking traditions in our family.
She calls all her friends every Saturday and Sunday
(free weekends on her cell phone)
so I ask her what Dorothy had to say,
or Aunt Margaret.
 I can hear her going through our week telling her friends all about life in our family.
She often tells me the same story over and over again,
so I smile and nod a lot.
But I am grateful for these times, even when she frustrates me.
I know that some day she won't be here and then we can't have "girl's night out" like we did tonight.

Today I am grateful to have a sweet mom who's only mission in life was (and still is) to make her family happy.
I love you mom.



Beautiful post Di - we got lucky when God was handing out Moms! ♥

Amy said...

very nice post, what a beautiful grandfather is the same way, helping cook or do dishes,,help fold laundry..I love hearing his stories about when he met my gramma.when he was overseas in the gramma would get upset cuz he told me the stories over and over,but I know I won't forget them.thanks for sharing,Amy

Paul said...

You have the BEST MOM! I love her too!

on vacation with di and Paul said...

Amy...I just love hearing the older generation tell their stories.