Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gratitude Day 29

In looking over all my posts from the last 28 days,
I realized a lot of my gratitude has to do with
and REST
I think I need another 30 days to really let everyone know how much I appreciate them and to not miss anyone. But here's the thing...each day I was thankful for what I wrote that day. I did not pre-plan any days or things or ideas or just flowed out of me on each day.
Today I had the 5th of my spinal decompression treatments and while laying there I started thinking about my dad.
Our family, 1966

In exactly one week it will be the 10th anniversary of his death.
So today I am thankful and sad. I am thankful for all the times my dad pushed me to do my best. The times he challenged me. The occasions he took the time to teach me something and the times we argued. Each of these things taught me a life lesson.
And I am sad that he only got to go to one son's wedding.
And I am sad because he never got to meet any of my grandchildren.
I am sad for my mom because she misses him so much.
I am sad that I never got to see him as a really old man. 
(My dad was very active and young looking until his death)
There's always something that triggers a thought of Dad and it's usually a Frank Sinatra song.
So today for Dad I hum "she gets too hungry for dinner at eight, she likes the theatre but never comes late"...oh Dad,
last photo I have of Dad, at Brent's wedding, 1999
I am grateful for all the life lessons you taught me.
I love you and miss you every day!