Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sharing a Tidbit Tuesday

"My blog friend,  KarrieLyne , at Freckledwhimsy.com
 shared this tidbit today and I just have to share it too. 
What a savings this is. 
Those replacement blades are usually 10 bucks each!
I just ordered 5 and with shipping it's the same price as 1 1/2 blades. 
Yeah for saving money!

"I think most of us use rotary cutters. If you don't, grab your purse or wallet 
and get in your car and go get one, and a cutting mat and rulers. Yes, now!
 You can thank me later. :) 

Along with those rotary cutters, we must have rotary blades to go in them. 
We also need to change these blades every so often because as they get
 dull, our cuts are not as clean and we can't have that. As soon as you change 
that blade and cut with it, you will automatically wonder why on Earth did you
 wait so long to change it! There's nothing like a fresh blade in a rotary cutter. :)

Dilemma. They really are not cheap. They are vital though, so we spend 
our good hard earned money on them hoping to catch a sale at JoAnn
 fabrics to get them at 50% off! If not, we usually find ourselves waiting 
just a wee bit longer to change that blade. Yes, you know you do.

Why am I babbling on about this, you ask? Go ahead, ask. I won't mind.

Ok, let me tell you anyway. :)

A dear reader, Kenna, over at Kenna Quilts sent me a tip about rotary 
blades. This might sound goofy but I think I just might give these a go.

Carpet blades. Two in a pack for $1.49. <----- Did you see that price!!?? 
I think its really worth a try at that price and if they work, just think how much 
more fabric you can buy!!

Ohhh...you probably want to know where to get these huh? Well, head
 on over to Harbor Freight Tools (click the name and it takes you right to 
the blades) and you will find the blades that will fit the 45mm Olfa cutter. 
Kenna said she has used these in her Olfa and loves them, but she isn't 
sure how they would fit in other 45mm cutters. Still...worth a try in my book.

As a matter of fact, I just placed my order for 5 sets. 

Carpet cutters. Who da thunk it? Thanks Kenna!!!

Much Love!!!"