Monday, March 21, 2011

Days at Sea

March 20, 2011      
Mr. Romance and I thought we would spend our days at sea reading and sunning by the pool, but instead we slept most of the day away yesterday. His “allergy” has turned into a full-blown sinus infection, so he took two naps yesterday totaling 5 ½ hours. Luckily, he brought some antibiotics with him.
I slept about 2 hours in the morning and then had a manicure in the afternoon. We really didn’t do much other than stay in our stateroom, read and watch TV.
Toward the late afternoon, whatever stomach illness I had the week before we left has returned, causing bad stomach pains. I hope it is better by Tuesday, when we will be in Costa Rica to go on the zip line.
One thing I am so angry with myself for forgetting…the cord to connect our point and shoot camera to the computer. We are only going to take the small camera when we go on the zip line, so photos from our Costa Rica experience will have to wait until we return.
So our day at sea turned into a day of rest in the stateroom.
But at the end of the afternoon this was our reward for feeling sick.

 It was all worth it. The sunsets are really magical aboard the ship.


Kyle Stanley said...

really beautiful. Hope you guys start feeling better. The zipline is an amazing experience. The closest thing to flying I have done.