Friday, March 11, 2011

Deborah's Quilt

I met my friend Deborah in 2001
when I was training for my second
3-Day 60 Mile Walk for Breast Cancer.
We live in the same neighborhood and would pass each other while walking and say hello.
Soon, we realized that we were both training for the 3-Day,
so we decided to join forces and combine our "teams" 
that we were training with, and the rest is history.
Deborah is one of those people that all you have to do is mention something once, 
she'll get the job done.
On our long training walks, sometimes 20 miles,
she would enlist her "non-walking" friends to meet us in strategic places
with snacks, drinks and even a catered lunch.
Deborah is definitely someone you want on your side.
We walked the 3-Day from Santa Barbara to Malibu that year.
Then the next year we walked it in San Diego
and the following year Avon changed their walks to a 2-Day walk. 
That was the year we walked it in Los Angeles in 113' heat.
That was a tough one.
But the next year would prove even tougher...
Deborah was diagnosed with breast cancer.
This is the quilt I made her in March 2004.

I made it to keep her warm and comfortable as she would endure hours
of chemo therapy.
The quilt is made up of beautiful florals.
Our friendship remains strong. 
We walked again in San Diego
 after Susan G. Komen took over the 3-Day Walks.
Deborah is a real trooper and wanted to walk in another 
walk after completing all her treatment.
I also participated in the 2004 walk in New York City, 
but since 2006, we have shifted our volunteer work 
to crew members of the 3-Day walks instead of walking the 60 miles.
We have a group we call the Ya-Ya's. 
There are between 4-6 of us
and we volunteer at one walk a year.
Last year we volunteered in Seattle.
Deborah had a recurrence of  breast cancer a few years ago
but has been cancer free for several years now.
She has become a bone marrow courier and is an awesome friend.