Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just a Thought

 I have been lying around for the last two days sick with the flu
feeling frustrated because I have so much to do before 
we leave for vacation.
 I am sitting here in my old
Carnival Cruise Line sweatpants
and a thought occurred to me...
What is the oldest thing in your closet that you still wear?
Mine are my sweatpants.

They are my go-to comfy pants when I am sick
or cold or feeling super lazy.
Mr. Romance bought them for me in 1996
when we went on a cruise to Mexico with my parents
and I had the flu the first three days
of the 7 day cruise.
I needed something cozy, comfy and that I could get down quickly on my many visits to the toilet.
I know TMI.
So that makes my sweatpants almost 15 years old.
So what's in your closet?
Tell me about it and why you have kept it.
I would rather be working on this project

fabrics for a beach bag I need to make before vacation.
I still need to buy a new suitcase and do so many things to be ready.
Hopefully, tomorrow, this flu will be gone.


Amy said...

I hope ya get to feeling better QUICKLY..the oldest thing I have are some spongebob flannel p.j.pants...I have had them 5 yrs.. I try to get rid of old when I get new...sometimes it does not always work.

Geri Centonze said...

It would be harder for me to find something new - ha ha!

Cassandra said...

I'm with Geri on this one. I tend to keep my favorites for a long time. One thing I can think of that I wore recently is a thrifted, men's hat I got in middle school. So not only is IT old, I've had it for hmm...about 14 years?

I hope you feel better! Sick is the worst.

diane said...

@Geri...I know that is not true, so what is the oldest thing that you still wear?

jockdoc76 said...

My Tijuana shirt or my very old UCLA jacket!!!

Wendy Walker Cushing said...

Nice to meet you. I love this post! Mine would be an original "Gogo's" t-shirt from a concert in 1980! I wore it last year when I went to see them at a beach concert here in Las Vegas. I know I'm strange!