Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look What Arrived Today

I love getting things in the mail that I forgot I ordered.
These lovely fabrics arrived today.
A few cuts of Kate Spain's Central Park.

The one on the bottom is one of the coated fabrics (oil cloth).
I think I'll make another bag
and keep it for myself.
How cute and sunny will I look 
carrying a bag made of these gorgeous fabrics around town?
The feel of these fabrics is just as yummy as they look.
Can't wait to sew with these fabrics.


Cassandra said...

Gorgeous!! I love that little "surprise" package feeling too. It was happening to me a lot at Christmas time as giving gifts is my favorite and I just kept finding too many good things for too many good people which resulted in package overload for a while. :)

diane said...

@Cassandra...Yeah, I did that at Christmas, too. Online shopiing is so easy. Don't you just love it?

Amy said...

what pretty cheery fabrics!