Friday, April 22, 2011

Caffeine Frenzy

That's what I have named this quilt.

Susie quilted it for me with steaming cups of coffee and swirls all over.
It is finally all bound, laundered, and ready to be used.
I do still have to make a label for it and 2 other quilts.
This quilt is made with the leftover fabrics from the layer cake I used to make my Java Stars quilt.
Karrie Lyne included a tutorial for making each of the three smaller squares you see in this quilt and said you could make small projects. I don't really like table runners and such so I figured out a way to put all the squares into one quilt, added a few more borders and squares and named it Caffeine Frenzy, because it looks like how I feel when I have had too much caffeine...scattered!
Here's a look at the back of the quilt.

It measures only 37"x43,  but makes a perfect sized table cover for our little cafe table in the backyard. Mr. Romance and I can have our morning coffee on the weekends in the yard or maybe a late night glass of wine on a hot summer night.

And speaking of Mr. Romance...look what he found today.

This is the first quilt I ever made. It was a memory quilt for him for our first Christmas together in 1970. I saw a tutorial in a magazine and decided to make a memory quilt for him of our memorable dates from our first 8 months of dating. I was 18 years old, had never quilted and knew nothing about what I was doing. It's pretty obvious, but it is still so special. Looking at the squares today reminded us of all the events memorialized in this quilt.  It isn't  quilted through all three layers and it doesn't have batting in the middle, but some sort of puffy filling.
Here's my question...should I take the outer seams apart and finish it off correctly with quilt batting and properly quilt it or leave it as is?
Here's a little closed look.
I'd really like your opinion about redoing the quilting. I wouldn't make any changes to the piecing.
Happy Easter everyone.


Geri Centonze said...

I'm not a quilter, but I would love to see it refinished so it would be preserved better over time.

Wendys Hat said...

I love your caffeine frenzy and really love the back!

Annabella Zeiddar said...

The caffeine frenzy is fabulous - LOVE it! The colours are great and the coffee cup quilting is so original. As a coffee drinker, I totally appreciate it.

I love your memory quilt - I think you should leave it as it is as its batting is part of the memory - part of its history. The quilts in the museums have fillings made out of all sorts but we wouldn't redo them. I guess I²m trying to say that it has that filling because it was 1970 and because you were 18. Am I making any sense or am I just a sentimental old fool?

Kyle Stanley said...

My vote is to not touch it, but Geri brings up a good point. If it will be preserved better through time then finish it.

Cindy Lou said...

Diane.....don't touch the memory quilt. We all have our 1st quilt. I think you did a great job on your first quilt at 18 back in the 70's.

Love your blog,!

Helen in Switzerland said...

Hi Diane, yes if I was you I'd take it apart and finish it properly with normal's kind of like renewing your vows, don't you think?!!