Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter on Saturday

We celebrated Easter today instead of tomorrow because our son Michael has to work on Easter Sunday. With half our family present we had a nice afternoon and a yummy meal. 
But let's start with dessert first. I made The Whiteout Cake from one of my favorite baking books, BAKED by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. I'm entering my photo in Julia Parson's Easter Cake Bake. You can click on the icon to see her blog and enter your Easter cake too. To make the cake look more "Eastery" I colored each of the three layers; one pink, one lavender and one yellow.
I used Rosie's recipe for Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream and added a few Easter sprinkles to the top. The cake was delicious but we are not a buttercream family. A lighter frosting would have been better for us. But, I must say if you like buttercream, this one is so easy and spreads and pipes beautifully on the cake.


We decided to have the kids come over for a late lunch/early dinner...better known as "Linner". First the kids found their Easter baskets and then hunted for the eggs Papa had hidden for them in the yard.

We always have pretty much the same menu for Easter with a few additions or changes.
Ham, Kielbasa and Easter "cheese" (I really think it was my grandmother's easy version of a Russian Paskha), and horseradish with beets. Usually I take a basket of food to the Polish Catholic church we attend to have the food blessed, but since we were celebrating today I didn't make it to the blessing of the baskets this morning.

We also had hard boiled eggs, jello salad, broccoli salad, scalloped potatoes (thanks Jenny, they were yummy), strawberries and sweet egg bread with raisins and Irish butter.

Mr. Romance bought me a few dozen tulips so I put them in jelly jars to decorate the table simply. We were pretty casual today.

I love seeing my mom and the grandkids interact. She is so patient with them.

Brent, Molly, Jack, Sam, Davis and Olivia, Kyle and Julia


Annabella said...

What a colorful feast...looks like you had a wonderful day. I love your grand-daughter`s tutu and the photo of everyone helping themselves in your kitchen. A lovely photo of you and Mr. Romance too. Very envious of your baking talents.

Shelley said...

Your dinner table looks amazing! Need any help with the leftovers? :) Yum!

busybusybeejay said...

Looks like you had a great family time.What a spread of food.

Kelly said...

What a beautiful cake!! In fact, your entire day looks like it was wonderful.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment. I truly appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

That cake is simply too beautiful to eat - almost. This post makes me wish we were more than just two for Easter lunch, it is so delicious looking that I vow to do better for me and my husband soon. what a joy to have three or four generations sitting aoround the table together in celebration of family, good cooking and holidays 1

Andrea Pisano said...

beautiful cake! beautiful family. congratulations

James B said...

Can I come next time please?? The cake and all the food looked mouth watering. Loved the colours you used for the cake as well.

Fabulicious Food said...

Hi Diane, I found your blog through Julia's Easter Cake Bake. I love your entry and it looks like you're the winner with lots of votes! I love your Easter cake and your whole spread, I have Polish roots too and we follow the same traditions over here in the UK with a lovely big spread and Easter baskets! I think I'll enjoy following your blog :-)

Jayne said...

This is such a pretty cake! Lovely pictures too!