Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jack's Quilt

I have been posting every few weeks to introduce you to the quilts I've made before I started blogging. 
After the last post I did about my sister's quilt, I received this comment from my friend, Annabella,

"Just like the colours of the spice market here... I`m really enjoying your quilt chronicles."

So, based on her comment, I have decided to call this segment of my blog my "Quilt Chronicles". I think that is a great title and I love that Annabella, being British, used that word in her comment. I can almost imagine her saying it with her proper British accent.
So let me introduce you to Jack's quilt. I made this in 2005 for my grandson's second birthday gift. It was a block of the month pattern that I ordered when I went to my first ever quilt show. It is machine appliqued and then embellished with buttons and embroidery to bring the little monsters to life. I still love this quilt and all it's bright colors.
I learned how to sew half-square triangles when I made this quilt and I also learned, too late, that you are supposed to cut out the center on the bonding material so you don't end up with a stiff quilt. Luckily, after several washings, this quilt softened up quite a bit.
red border on the left side missing in the photo
Wow, how time flies!


Wendys Hat said...

These Monsters are darling! How fun!

Annabella said...

Oh I laughed when I read this post this morning! I`m very honoured to have a section named after a word used by me ;-) Jack`s quilt is great and I`ll pass the tip about the bonding onto my mum is using some at the moment.

Geri said...

Quilt Chronicles is a perfect name...well done, Annabella! This is definitely one of my favorites Di - so cute and such a fun quilt!

beth said...

Adorable quilt for an adorable little boy!